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On This Day…October 31st.

Members/children of the Gioventù Italiana del Littorio (GIL) (Italian Youth of the Lictor), the youth movement of the National Fascist Party of Italy, during a practice drill. October 31st, 1939.

31st October, 1940 is the ‘official’ date of the end of the Battle of Britain (as first cited by the British Air Ministry in 1941). Although the Luftwaffe continued sorties over the UK, the theat of invasion hadlifted. Here, on the last day of October, a Spitfire is seen (possibly in trouble) tailing an He-111.

There may have been a World War on, but some would say these were simpler and happier days, especially in Pittsburgh. Children wearing Halloween costumes at Bedford Dwellings, October 31, 1941.

Hiroshima October 31st, 1945.

British flying cadets with the crew of the ‘Wild Hare’ on October 31, 1943. The Fortress was shot down at 31,000ft over Holland two weeks later with the loss of seven of the crew. Rest easy.

11 responses to On This Day…October 31st.

  1. Another fine group, David.

    Happy Halloween to all! BOO!

  2. Boo! To You Too! Jeff Bailey. Happy all hollow’s eve and may your nightmares be truly horrific.

  3. I think it’s the camera angle with the Spitfire /Heinkel. I’ve seen this a few times and unfortunately the Spitfire is descending hit. There’s specific detail about the unit/pilot somewhere, I believe.

    The Heinkel just flew on without further ado.

  4. I’ve looked for the details, and you are correct that the Spitfire was hit (probably from the dorsal gunner) but I did find that neither side lost any aircraft on the 31st October. The Luftwaffe sent Ju88’s, 110’s and 111’s (as well as 109 fighters) that day, and the RAF deployed Spitfires exclusively, fitting that on the last day no-one lost aircraft or men.

  5. Infant-try indeed.
    War, where death rate exceeds birthrate. First to go are the strong and healthy. Then the weak and wise, while infants are getting prepped. Lord of the Flies (Beelzebub) revisiting.

  6. Teach your children well, their parents hell…I don’t remember the rest.

  7. Yes, very solemn and sobering bunch of images today, Peter. Perhaps appropriate for the date. Thanks for dropping in – appreciated.

  8. Ahhh. Small children, armed and marching with military precision. Warms the heart, don’t it? -Thoroughly enjoying the ‘on this day’ posts.

  9. Thanks, Mon, appreciate the support my friend.

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