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Revell Panavia Tornado IDS 1/48

This is the Tornado IDS 1/48 from Revell, it’s the bigest model in my collection so far; took me about five weeks to complete the model; i’m really happy whit the final result.
Enjoy the pictures

Este es el Tornado IDS de Revell en escala 1/48, el modelo mas grande de la colección, tomó casi cinco semanas, el modelo que mas tiempo ha tomado, pero muy contento con el resultado final.

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18 responses to Revell Panavia Tornado IDS 1/48

  1. A good looking Tornado, and a very colorful set of decals!

  2. Beautiful work….I LIKE it. 🙂

  3. Sharp work. Special schemes liven up gray jets!

  4. Jorge, I always thought the Tornado was a neat looking airplane, so I really enjoy seeing a nice model of one, like we have here. Well done, this is a real beauty !

  5. Looks great !! Nice scheme.

  6. Very nice. I’ve got one in my stash and seeing your work is kicking me in the pants to start.

  7. She’s a beaut. Should be proud of the final result.

  8. I have heard so many nice things about this kit lately…some good reviews. I was never a huge Tornado fan but this model is so so cool I just need to buy it and b/c its a Revell it appears to be a great value for what it offers. Must be huge!!!

    BTW you did a wonderful job with this complicated extensive build! You picked a very challenging and eye-popping theme. You really nailed it. Great overall quality and perfection. Good Job!

  9. This kit shows something I’ve never seen on a military aircraft of this type (fighter, light bomber, attack, etc) It has mechanical thrust reversers just like some airliners!

    Great job on this kit, Jorge! I saw a fair amount of these during my military career. I never saw one decorated this nicely, however. This scheme must have been done for one of the big airshows. Awesome miniature, Jorge!!


  10. Hello Jorge,
    The Tornado has been a very successful aircraft. Your build, with magical decals made it into a very colorful aircraft from the German Luftwaffe.
    Were these decals in the box??
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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