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Trip down memory lane…in a Gran Torino.

As part of the ongoing unboxing ceremony of moving onto a new house I was reacquainted with this beauty.

She’s an old ‘scalextric’ scale that I’ve had for some time and she always brings a smile to me.

The iModeler at the Movies Group Build has stimulated a lot of love for classic TV and movie cars, so I thought I’d compile a list of classic number plates - see how many you can recognise...

  1. Bullitt’s Mustang.
  2. Ghostbusters’ Ambulance.
  3. Starsky’s Torino.
  4. Doc Emmitt Brown’s DeLorean.
  5. Magnum’s Ferrari.
  6. Knight Rider’s Trans Am.
  7. The name’s Bond, James Bond.
  8. Herbie - the sentient Beetle.
  9. Thelma and Louise’s T-Bird.
  10. Deluxe - Grease
  11. 1959 Plymouth Fury, ‘Christine’
  12. Bandit’s Trans Am.
  13. The ‘Bluesmobile’ Dodge Monaco.
  14. Mr. Frye’s 1961 Ferrari 250GT California, Ferris Beuler’s Day Off.
  15. General Lee. Enough said.
  16. Doctor Who’s Roadster, ‘Bessie’
  17. ‘Bumblebee’ - Camaro, Transformers.
  18. The Mini Coopers from ‘The Italian Job.

24 responses

  1. Ghostbusters, Back to the future, Knightrider, Magnum, dukes of hazard, transformers

  2. "Staircase & Crutch", wasn't it? 🙂 Seriously, though, that's some nice work.

  3. Matija, you know your wheels!


  4. Thanks, Craig. Case of Spitfire beer to anyone who can get all 18 - without cheating!

  5. blues brothers perhaps? the illinois one?

  6. Two from Illinois, Matija...

  7. Cool! the Torino was the best part of the show. I guessed a couple correct, do I get one beer?

  8. Jackpot or bust, Robert, but good try! I will, however, offer a salute to you as I open a cold one later.


  9. The Starsky and Hutch Torino reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask. Does iModeler at the Movies encompass subjects from the small screen as well? Be a great excuse to finish a couple of TV vehicles I have.

  10. Yes, Josh, all TV shows included. If you’ve got something please post it. We have a few TV show themed builds, so you’d be more than welcome.



  11. The Striped Tomato! It is reported that actor Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) hated those cars and tried to destroy them every chance he got by running into things on the set. Hutch drove a Ford Galaxie 500.

    • And Hutch...

  12. I miss Columbo's Peugot 403 Cabrio 😉
    Would be a nice built too - but I've never seen a kit in 1:24

  13. Gosh, SO many of these license plates are Californian.


  14. Nice to have memories linked to certian old items.
    I got zero for the number plates. Do I get to keep the empties?

    The Gran Torino movie, where Clint Eastwood played Walt Kowalski, had a Michigan Bicentennial plate from 1976 (KWZ959)

  15. Come on, Doc - you didn’t even get the DeLorean?

    License wife IS right, I need to get out more.

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