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Zayna The Goblin Queen Bust

I got this a while back and overall like it a lot. Its a different kind of fantasy bust being a Goblin Queen. One complaint about Iter Miniatures is the final product is a little different than the actual mini. While it hasn’t bothered me a lot I do think the artwork is a better more animated version. There was a big change on their second miniature. Still there isn’t anything exactly like her out there.

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  1. Wow. I’m sensing a whole new modelling front opening up for me…

    Thanks, Aaron!

  2. I did a figure (modified) I called ‘Goblin Lord’ three years ago, painted in a typically garish fantasy colour palette. These can be interesting projects, not too expensive and not overly time consuming. As a set of characters, they be eye-catching on a display table and the public always seems attracted to them.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Something different!

  4. Aaron,

    On the title of the thread, there’s a “a” missing on her name, Zayna, as in your video, not Zyna 🙂

    From your video, it seems you also like figurines games. Do you know these guys? Maybe worth a look:

    And these:



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