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25th Slovenian Nationals – Aircraft

Today I’ve visited Slovenian Nationals competition – a rather small event internationally but this year packed to the halls capacity with excellent models. Here’s a selection of some aircraft models on display – I’ll be adding other categories in a separate post.

72 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to 25th Slovenian Nationals – Aircraft

  1. Some stunning models here Sebastijan thank you for posting – the hobby is clearly thriving at an amazingly high standard in Slovenia!

  2. Don’t know about the size of the competition, but the models shown are first-class!

  3. Really outstanding example of professional quality European craftsmanship.
    Any naval models in inventory?

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos, a high standard, indeed.


  5. Nice to see somebody else made the same mistake about how the side doors open on an OV-1! πŸ™‚

    Nice work all around.

  6. Very nice and eclectic selection of models on display. Some are above the average of the competition, others are seldom seen aircrafts (The black DH Comet is the first I see built, lovely SBS kit); but all are very good models. To me the Hind is just stunning

  7. Nice display of interesting and different models Sebastijan, thanks for posting !!!

  8. That Tomcat on the mirror looks a nice model.

  9. Slovenia is a modelling country in deed.
    @gregax, is that your Tomcat?

  10. @inflames, any contribution of yours?

  11. @Johannes Not the one on the mirror :). But the other one yes. (and won gold)

    Well, here in Slovenia we don’t have a lot of modellers (although the numbers are slowly coming up), but a lot of modellers from neighbouring countries usually show up on our Nationals. So this year modellers from Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and also Slovakia attended our show. Without them, it would be sad, so I have to thank each and evryone who took journey and attend the Nationals.

  12. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing Sebastijan. Wonderful display with a great variety of subjects.

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