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Airfix new-tool 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk. XIV – Visual review

This article is part of a series:
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  2. Airfix new-tool 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk. XIV – Visual review
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Here is the kit many have been waiting for – the brand-new Airfix 1/48 Spitfire FR. Mk XIV. This is the pictorial tour of the pre-preduction kit sprues as presented at the 2018 Scale Modelworld show in Telford. The product itself is scheduled for release in March 2019.

It is good to finally see a new-tool 1/48 Griffon Spitfire fighter, and in terms of accuracy and feature I must admit that this kit looks very promising. Good work Airfix.

The photo conditions at the show were less than ideal, but I hope that the pictures can tell the story.

When assembling this picture set I have been experimenting with the new sticky tags feature soon to be introduced to iModeler. Click on the pictures for my review comments and tell me if you like the format!

24 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Airfix new-tool 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk. XIV – Visual review

  1. Very promising indeed. It’s the best looking Spit Mk

  2. Good stuff Martin. Just need the non-bubbletop version now and I’ll be a very happy camper

  3. Well, Airfix + Spitfire = Many Happy Modellers!

  4. Oh yes, but let’s bring on the highback soon!

  5. We are indeed living in the Golden Age of modeling. I have been thinning out the herd of kits and built up quite a few over the last few years.

    Now they came out with all of these excellent new British planes. Beaufighters, Spitfires, Lancasters and so on.

    I can see the stash increasing again and my bank account doing just the opposite.

    Thanks for posting.

  6. I have been emailng Airfix requesting this for a few years, i know others have as well. Thank you Airfix!!!!
    I am glad to see that the full wing vs just clip wing is an option, FR’s as far as I know were all clipped wing. i would like to build one as a pure fighter. Just need to see if the camera openings on each side come with a filler piece to make it as non FR. Otherwise, shouldn’t be too hard to plug. Anybody have any insights about that here?

    • I backed up the inside of the opening with plastic sheet and then added putty until flush on the Academy 1:48 Spitfire

      • As did I 🙂

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. This looks nice. Need wingtips and you’ve got the F.r. XVIII

  8. Oh, that is sweet!

  9. I will get one of those Spits for sure…the kit looks great!

  10. I see full span wings. Are they to be cut and clipped wing tips added? Looks that way but I don’t see any clipped wing caps on the sprue?

    • You are right, that’s a mystery. The wing tips were not present on any of the displayed grey sprues, nor on the clear sprue. Maybe Airfix has planned for a an additional sprue with clipped upper wings, not shown in theis review? I don’t know.

  11. Funny, I was looking up the Academy model yesty and decided not to add it to the pile. This will certainly make it way into the hobby room.

  12. It´s already in the on-line shops and priced as well… 20.99 GBP – 10 % at Wonderland models.

  13. @editor, Yes the sticky tags option looks very useful!

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