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Airfix Spitfire Mk I 1/48

Hi there! Greetings from Brazil.

I’ve just finished this iconic bird. It’s an Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk I. The kit is ok, except for the landing gear fitting. It’s really tricky. And also the fuel tank cover that doesn’t fit that good.
Hope you like it!

Best regards!


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13 responses to Airfix Spitfire Mk I 1/48

  1. Muito bom George, óptima pintura!
    What paint brand did you use?

  2. Thank you Pedro! I used Gunze Aqueous Hobby Color. They’re really great.


  3. A fantastic Spit. and welcome to the site!

  4. Great looking kite. You’ve nailed the problems everyone has with this kit, landing gear and fuel tank cover so its not just the few. It won’t deter me from building mine. I like the Gunze Dk. Earth, used it on my Defiant

  5. Welcome to iModeler, George! Where in Brasil do you live? I lived in Vicosa for a year. That was back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth … 1959, actually.

    Great looking Spitfire, my friend! (That’s a cool handbook, too. I’d love to see one!)

    • Hi Jeff,

      I live in Brasilia, the capital. I’ve been around for sometime too. I’m 62, you know, born in Sao Paulo, but moved to this city while in the Air Force. After retired, decided to stay.

      That hand book is really cool, lots of info about performance , tactics and pilots notes. I’m sure you can find it in the net. Search for the Bloomsbury editors.


  6. Would this be the latest Airfix Mk 1 Spitfire? What was the problem with the fuel tank?

  7. Hi,
    yes! I think it’s their latest Mk I tool. The cover for the tank fuel doesn’t sit very well over it. I had to sand the top of the instruments panel and even then it’s not perfect. If you search for reviews for this kit, that’s a common complain.

  8. Very nice Spit – and welcome aboard!

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