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Classic Airframes Arado Ar 68, 1/48th.

Not the easiest of kits but I found it a very enjoyable build. Mostly OOB but some of the struts were replaced as they were useless! Painted with GS aqueous paints, weathered with pastels and finished with Alclad II flat varnish.

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11 responses

  1. Really nice! And a graceful subject that we don't see built very often. Like.

  2. Thanks guys. It's also a surprisingly big aircraft!

  3. I've built a couple of Classic Airframes kits and they are hugely overated so I know how hard you worked to make such a good job of this, well done.

  4. Very nice, but strangely it looks like they remembered the Horizontal Stabilizer at the last minute. This is not meant to be a put down of your build, just an observation of the odd arrangement at the rear of the airplane. But I love your build.

  5. Nice build of an unusual subject. Looks great!

  6. Nice victory over a kit that is thoroughly infuriating in its failures.

  7. Well done. An aircraft I would love to see done by the likes of Tamiya etc.

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