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Gunner Joe

This build went through pretty slick. Although, figure building and painting are not really my biggest attributes; I can safely say, I have improved a little since my last figure build. I am still working on getting better so please go easy . 🙂 The figure is from Live-Resin. I must say, this i my first figure and armory from them, and I must admit that their stuff is simply amazing. The detail in the figure and weaponry is phenomenal. If you have not bought anything from them, then I urge you to do so.

Now, I wanted something small, but made an effective statement to the viewer. I wanted a theme that was just about 'being'. Now, I wanted to do a multi camo but I was not too successful in achieving the end result. I still need more practice. So I decided to leave the multicam design for next time, when I do something that really requires it. as is as a desert color. I am sure there were dressed like this when they went on missions.

So, I hope you like the results and thanks for supporting me. My appreciation to Chris DH and Joe Szygel

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  1. Nicely done Charles, and I concur the detail on the figure is excellent. You did quite well with him, just need to add some ash on that cigar.

  2. I hugely admire the creativity in your work, Charles. There’s a level of thought and imagination here way beyond the mean in modelling terms. Even the bases and names of your works are telling in terms of thoughtfulness.

  3. Thank you for your for-seeing thoughts on the subject matter. Glad you approve.

  4. That figure looks pretty darn good to me!

  5. Looks great ! You need a Zippo to light that cigar.

  6. I like the composition of the piece. Modeling the "box" of the truck on a pedestal is a effective way of focusing the viewer to look at the figure. The absence of the cab doesn't take away from anything. Which then can lead the eye to all of the other things of interest. Kind like mounting a pedestal on top of a pedestal. I like the details in the figure although the face reminds me of about a dozen pro-wrestlers seen on the television. The late Randy (Macho Man) Savage comes to mind. To each his own.

    Two thumbs Charles.

    • Thanks Stephen. I was a little hesitant but I agree, it works. Before going with that design, I looked at many other similar designs where artist used half or at times, 1/3 of the model. So I decided to do something similar. The focus on the gunner was the main objective of making the overall diorama stand out.

  7. As per usual Charles, fantastic work, I love your builds, keep them coming. Really amazing work.

  8. First Live Resin figure I've seen for about three years. All the rage for a while and then seemed to slip from view on the forums, but your project is a great reason to revisit.

    Very nice all round!

  9. Joe looks fantastic, Charles. That "Live Resin" stuff is awesome, but you took raw resin and made it come to life.


  10. The only ‘live resin’ I’m aware of is the sort of stuff some people smoke for recreational purposes - can someone enlighten me regarding its use in modelling? I’m presuming this figure is not made of cannabis?

  11. Ah, I can rest happier now, knowing my fellow iModelers are not engaging in nefarious, suspect pastimes. The glue fumes are bad enough...

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