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Latest news from Paul Fisher

Latest news from Paul: His mother-in-law and kids are coming out from Denver to get him and Suzy and whatever they saved, they will be staying with family in Denver while they figure out how to proceed. Yes, the shop was wiped out.

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  1. Great for the family. I wish we could send some of the rain from here in London to where you are.

  2. Don’t recall where he lives. Left coast fires or east coast hurricanes? We’ll be digging out from Michael for the next several years here.

  3. Good news that he is safe, sad news about the shop. I am sure that with Paul’s talent he will bounce back.

  4. Very sad news!! Paul will come back stronger. Will keep them in prayer.

  5. Tom – Good and sad news. The TV coverage over here covered heavily the Paradise fires and your first heads up on this kept me focussed for more details. Great that he and his family got out, the only irreplaceable elements. Paul

  6. I know of another individual who had a similar experience.
    With his home being burned down to the ground in the Canadian wilderness. His shop survived and became his home and if your in your mid sixties the thought of starting over is mind boggling. Have both your home and shop…with children, that takes the wind out of your sail. Thoughts and prayers.

  7. i wonder if we could start a go fund me account…i’d sure throw in a hundred

  8. So good to hear that Paul and his family and pets are safe. I’ve never met Paul but I’ve had several good email chats. Thank you to Tom Cleaver and the modelling community for keeping us informed.

  9. Great news! Now just the new challenge of moving forward…

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