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New kit news – Tamiya 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I

November 8, 2018 · in News · · 12 · 3.3K
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  1. New kit news – Tamiya 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I
  2. iModeler Review – The new Tamiya 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I

Here are a few "factory photos" of a brand-new 1/48 scale Mk. I kit by . This kit is set for release in December, and we hope to see more of it in Telford during the weekend. For now, we'll let the pictures do all the talking..

[All images by Tamiya]

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  1. This one looks fantastic ! Personally I'm going to try and get my hands on a few of these.

    When I saw that Tamiya was releasing a brand new Spitfire and it was a Mk 1, I was really excited.

    That's why I posted a review for a set of Eagle Cal decals in case our veiwers wanted to build up one with aftermarket decals.

    This one looks to be a real beauty.

    I especially like how they made the landing gear as a one piece unit. This will ensure the plane has the proper stance and that the "legs" are correct. That's almost always been a trouble spot for Spitfire kits.

    Another thing I like is how they have provided features such as the open canopy, different styles of pitot tubes, gun sights, landing gear controls inside the cockpit, and wind screens.
    This will allow us to build up some early Spitfires.

    Now only if they added a two bladed Watts propeller ... 😉

    I also can see a new market emerging for decals on this one.

    Thanks for posting this for us !

    If I'm lucky enough to grab one I'll write a very detailed review similar to the Tamiya Bf-109 that I did a little while ago.

    Thanks again Martin, and I'll be watching for your photos from the Telford show.

    • Thanks, Louis. With all the options available in this kit I'm also slightly disappointed that they did included everything for an early model Spitfre but the two-blade propeller.

      As it is, it's an obvious proposition for the aftermarket industry

  2. This has all the hallmarks of an absolute classic of a kit. The details are superb and considering the saturated market for Spitfires I think it’s going literally fly off the shelves.

  3. If they did a wheels up option I would say its the best Spit ever. So many kit makers still think the only way people might want to display planes is on the ground.

  4. For anyone thinking of doing the model OOB and doing the 610 Squadron markings, Tamiya got those right in their first Mark I - i.e., the small upper wing roundels and the fin flash in reverse order. I don't know how they managed to do the same plane wrong here.

  5. Wow! you even get a masking set for the canopy ,I hope father Christmas brings me one, I have been a good boy, honest!

  6. This is making my "no more kits until my stash is under 100" really hard

  7. Wish it was in 1/32 scale.
    If so I can buy 6 kits at least.

  8. wow, this will be an awesome model to build especially being modern Tamiya, it will just fall together with great details, and respectable parts counts. I love the look for the PE provided with this kit, especially the design of the seat belts (they r assembled already, no buckles to add). I wonder how this will compete with the other modern molds of the Spitfire in 1/48 like the excellent Eduard line?

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