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  1. Whose funeral pyre was that...?

  2. Another great set of pictures Rob !

  3. Who IS that Mr. P. Symbolic, and why are they burning him anyway? πŸ˜‰

    Sorry! I couldn't resist!

    I love the spinning props at night shot! On the other hand, I DON'T love remembering "breaking track" as in pic. #2! LoL! As shown in this photo, repairing or replacing track INVARIABLY happens at the worst of times and nearly always in mud! At least, that Tiger tank crew has plenty of help! The only thing off in this photo is that it's in daylight. It seemed that our track would only break at night ... in the mud ... and with a crew short one or even 2 crew members. Murphy's Law - Strictly Enforced! I'll bet Louis would agree. @lgardner

    Great photos, Rob! Thanks!

  4. Love the Mossie at night in #1 but why is someone in the foreground taking selfie ?, the little lad in #6 is great and as for those two camp Fascists in #7...
    Great set Rob ,cheers.

  5. I feel I say this every other week, but possibly the best collection yet.

  6. That young man in the pool is seeing every bit of Christmas and looking right into the New Year. ?

  7. Tank track brought back memories of replacing tracks on a D6C Caterpillar, on a weekend, in the field, alone. That was precarious, since I had to operate the bulldozer from the ground, with ropes to levers, while lifting the track via drive sprocket. Wish I had those other guys to help me. Well, at least one other guy to operate the dozer. Funny how a photograph can time-travel you back four decades.

    • "Funny how a photograph can time-travel you back four decades."

      Isn't that the truth ?

      • No kidding!

        Peter, that must have been a nightmare at the time! @tecko

        • My main concern at the time was to be able to stop it. Did not want to end up with a dozer without a track to stand on. πŸ˜‰

          What you did was, decompress Idler (front) wheel. Knock out track pin, unfurl the track. Place new track up against end of old track (above photo). Ride off old track while riding onto new track. Then slowly move dozer forward while hooking new track onto sprocket then walk track end over the top rollers to top of Idler wheel and STOP dozer. Then pin track together and tension it by pumping out Idler wheel. Its all HEAVY work. Ah, memories of trivial conquests. Funny how the most hardest work becomes the most satisfying.

  8. Luftwaffe pilots , they burn an empty coffin with the inscription
    β€œDein Leben – dein Gewinn” (Your life is your wealth).
    Place of the photo: Kharkov 1942

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