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No|Comment 84

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to No|Comment 84

  1. As allways very interesting and diverse choice. No 10 looks like a german game from WW2. For the non-german Speakers: On the lower right: “Churchill is not allowed to step on the clover-leaf”
    “Antigötz” I don’t know if it had a Special sense (“Götz” is a german first Name. “Götze” means (non Christian) Idol). I can shoot you but you can’t shoot me. – On top inside the arrows “Side, rear, front”

  2. The first photo is absolutely stunning, looks like a scene from the misty sea oustide the KIng Kong island…. what is it?

  3. Great portfolio – especially number 9 for me. She’s just special. Very special. In a special way.


  4. Those Dauntlesses. Wow…

  5. Love the skater.
    What a way to advertise blimp travel, graceful, smooth, silent, and swift. Well maybe not so silent nor swift.

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