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No|Comment 89

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11 responses to No|Comment 89

  1. It’s been a long time since a photo made me really laugh! The “Cat on a Hot Tin Train-Track” is hilarious !!!

  2. Great pics!
    Pic #3: “Push a little harder, Ernst”

  3. I just love the Viggen in the Splinter scheme.

  4. La foto del viggen es impresionante con la condensación de los bordes de ataque de las alas y como asciende a pleno gas.Recuerdo un kit de Maschbox 1/72 de los años 80 con ese esquema tan original que pinte a pincel.Me gustan las fotos !

  5. Quite brilliant collection.

  6. The SAAB did it for me Rob, thanks! I never realized how far the intakes sit from the fuselage, but this shot shows this very well.

  7. Cat on the tracks!!

  8. The development of the Viggen was started in 1952…during the war in Korea. Not many aircraft can show such complex lines. The wings and canards are mere lift devices giving it a capacity to cut through the air, a true flying brick. The photo shows a two-seat SK 37 Viggen, trainer version.

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