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On This Day…November 1st.

The US detonated the world’s first thermonuclear bomb, ‘’Ivy Mike”, on November 1st, 1953 on an island in the Enewetak Atoll, South Pacific.

SS 188 ‘Sargo’ (the lead ship for her name) underway during her trials off Provincetown, Massachusetts on 1 Nov 1938. The Sargo was awarded eight battle stars for service in World War II.

Royal Australian Air Force pilot demonstrating the the gyro gunsight of a Spitfire to Former Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes in Darwin, Australia, 1 Nov 1944.

GI’s in their bunks aboard the U.S. Army transport SS Pennant on November 1st, 1942. Not the place to be if you are a little modest or suffer from claustrophobia…

The Heineken He 178, the world’s first jet powered airplane, was demonstrated on 1 November 1939, after the German victory in Poland (although it first flew in August of that year). Heinkel arranged the demonstration, which Herman Goering, commander in chief of the Luftwaffe, did not attend. Senior officials of the Reichluftministerium were unimpressed. While a technical success, speeds were ‘limited’ to 372 mph even when fitted with the most powerful engines, and combat endurance was a full 10 minutes.

Barrage balloons being prepared in Moscow, October 1st, 1941.

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  1. Nice selection again David!
    The He 178 is still one of my favourite aircraft, particularly when I am thirsty… which I am now…

  2. That would be a Heinkel, David, not the Heineken…ah…see what you’ve done…where’s the fridge?

  3. I’ll drink to that!

  4. This made me lol for real 🙂 great post… but now I need a Leinenkugels

  5. Ah, now, this is what I’m tucking into right now…

    The Marshall stack there just for Jeff B.

  6. Just what we need, a chemically induced personality disorder called Heineken.

  7. “Ivy Mike”, huh ? Now THAT I didn’t know. 🙂

  8. Dad told me some horrible stories about riding in a troop ship crossing the North Sea during a storm. The picture with the bunks (racks for you Navy and Marines) reinforced some of the things he told me about.

    Thank God when I deployed overseas we flew !!!!!

    Another excellent set of pictures.

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