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On This Day…November 30th.

The Japanese carrier ‘Hosho’ running full power trials in Tateyama Bay, Japan, 30 Nov 1922. The Hosho, translated as ‘the Phoenix flying’ was the world’s first commissioned ship that was designed and built as an aircraft carrier. She was primarily used as a training ship for take offs and landings, although she played a support role at the Battle of Midway.

Photo from the ‘Nippon News’ number 235, November 30th, 1944.

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (43-37877) on fire and going down near Merseberg, Germany, 30 November, 1944. 44; ‘the Queen of the Skies’ – her crew –

Lloyd Kersten,
Henry Gerland,
Arnold Shegal,
John Eberhart,
Everett Morris,
Joe Miller,
Maurice Sullivan,
Jim Hyland,
Warren Richhart

Rest well.

Father Arthur Carter gives benediction in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, 80 miles north of Saigon near the Cambodian border. The soldiers were filthy, covered with the red dirt that covers everything here. ‘This will be a different Christmas than you have had before,’ said Father Calter of Boston. “There will be no jingle bells, no Christmas trees. But don’t forget, Christ is with you in these trenches.” November 30th 1967.

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  1. I agree with Jeff, some unusual and new (at least to me) images.
    I really can’t tell if the stricken B-17 is already flipped on it’s back or not

  2. Definitely topside.

  3. Another good one David. Thanks for doing these.

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