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Panther D

November 22, 2018 · in Armor · · 4 Comments

So, I know that the never came in Panzer Grey, but I decided to play around with a Grey panther tank with some primer red bits on it. I would appreciate criticism on what i have done rather than what it is supposed to be. Many thanks to all, have a good day ?

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4 responses

  1. I like the idea very much ( of a Panther undergoing refit/refurb... let me know if I got that right, I have been known to get things wrong before!).
    The engineers white chalk/paint markings look pretty convincing to me - great idea!

  2. Looks interesting.

  3. That’s very interesting, Nathan. Don’t be so sure that none of them were painted gray. I recall reading somewhere that some German tanks at the end of the war were being painted dark gray and green. Others will know more I’m sure.

  4. great build...should add some visual excitement to the case

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