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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 14

November 5, 2018 · in Aviation · · 30 ≡

Look Ma,'' No Cheese''... Well here we go again, been back from the DRC for a week, and I managed to do some building, this is what I have been up to, you will see the additions on the pictures.

  1. Built the exhaust's for the engine, very difficult, and a mind boggle, I tried everything to bend copper tube, even checked You Tube, filling tube with salt, sand ...etc, nothing worked, the tube kinked every time. Eventually, I made and exhaust out of laminated plastic, sanded it round, then added a piece of copper tube to the end and sanded it down to represent the real aircraft, not easy, but it worked in the end. I also added lead to the nose before I installed the exhausts, now I can get rid of the smelly cheese. I hope you approve.
  2. Made the rudder and painted.
  3. Nose wheel gear doors.
  4. Control columns and rudder pedals
  5. Engine cover.
  6. HUD lenses.
  7. Painted de-icing boots on the leading edge and walk way strips.
  8. Started shaping the canopy and getting ready to get it vac formed in the next day or two.

This has been a long and challenging build, as I was taking the pictures for this post, I just cant believe that this all started with a roll of plastic card. This build is at about 90% completed, just a few things left, then I will post the completed model. I hope you all have enjoyed the posting of the build, it has been fun and inspiring to get all your comments.

I finally got my delivery in the post from Fischer Model and Pattern, cant wait to start, I will be posting some Reno air racers soon...

I will post the completed build next,

Cheers... Marc

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  1. Just so so amazing! Cannot believe you have built this from scratch! Beautiful.

  2. Marc’s back! Yay!

    Excellent build. Wonderful paintwork. Exquisite detail. Don’t go away again, just build us beautiful scratch models.

  3. Jaw-dropping craftsmanship, sir. Absolutely stunning work. I'm truly in awe of your talent(s).

  4. Well, where would we brie without a cheese pun. Nice to see you back.

  5. Lovely work Mark!
    Stunning build great colour scheme!

  6. This is truly inspirational modeling. Your work reminds me of what my friends John Alcorn and Robert Karr were doing.

    • Hi Tom, I am truly flattered that you would place me in the same class as John Alcorn and Robert Karr, they were true masters. Thank you as always for your kind comments.

  7. This is probably THE finest scratch build project I've ever seen. I'm at a loss for words - and you aren't even quite done with it yet!

    REALLY gorgeous, Marc!

  8. Marc - It's looking fantastic! Your eye for the detail and the skill in reproducing this convincingly is a tribute to your nimble fingers and patience. By comparison my brother's Nibbio looks as if it was cobblered together by a 5-year old. Looking forward to seeing the finished model. Really great!

  9. This is outstanding Marc. Knowing where it started... I just don't think kit builders usually reach this standard of accuracy! Congrats!

  10. Just jaw-dropping gorgeous! Would love to see any in-progress pics of the exhausts you built - more learning material... you are Sensei!

  11. This is MASTERCLASS stuff as to be expected from a true master. Well done Marc!

  12. Hi Morne, thanks for the kind comment, Although I don't think that I am a master, thanks for the kind words.

  13. as said truly a masterpiece...and you are truly a master

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