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Scale 75 Heroes of the Fallen Empire Kickstarter

Scale 75 does some awesome kickstarters that don’t seem to do very well. They are overall well priced and very fair I just don’t understand why they don’t do better.

14 responses to Scale 75 Heroes of the Fallen Empire Kickstarter

  1. Figure painting is an art….not one I ever mastered. 🙁

  2. Aaron (@aaron_newlands)

    IMHO, there might be two reasons (that I can find) for these Scale 75 figures not selling that much.

    1- They are sci-fi. Not a genre that pleases everyone on the figures & busts painting small niche.

    2- They are made on white metal. These days resin made figures & busts clearly seem to have the upper ground. Both for the extreme details, as well as for a nicer final look, they seem to have the preference of figures & busts painters. I would add the higher shipping costs for white metal figures & busts, as they are usually heavier than resin ones, but in this case it wouldn’t apply as Scale 75 already includes the shipping costs on their prices (but for other manufacturers it’s another point to consider) .

    Just my two cents worthy.



    • @dolfdylan

      In big scales I totally agree about metal. I can’t imagine a 1/12 scale metal bust. Certainly not shipping that puppy. In the 28mm/32mm I am a bit of a rarity as I prefer the metals in those scales. The Scale75, hasslefree and Doctor Who metals have a nice weight to them when painting. I like resin when it isn’t that brittle c**p that snaps when you glance at it.

      • Aaron (@aaron_newlands)

        Yes, I see your point, and I believe you’re right for smaller scales.

        Unfortunatelly I no longer have hands, nor eyes, for such small scales 🙁

        The bigger the better for me these days 🙂

        Notice that even on small scales there are some very detailed resin made miniatures nowadays. Suppose the 3D modeling & printing is helping developing these figures.

        This figure for instance, is only 35mm in size, but the amount of detail is IMHO simply amazing!

        As for the quality of resin, yes, of course there are some that are better than others, and then there’s also that “brittle c**p” you mention, but in time those manufacturers who provide the best quality (both on the design, as well as the kind of resin used for modeling their products) will remain, and those who sell “c**p” will vanish 😉



  3. I think if they started making some figures based on the best selling books, they may be onto something. I’d certainly buy into some of these franchises…

    Just a thought. The Game of Thrones busts sell, and I suspect that’s book readers rather than tv show fans buying them.

  4. Hi Dolf.

    Some examples of resin kits and busts out the based on GoT…

    There’s a great tutorial on a Tyrion build here, nearly 40 minutes long, but excellent skills.

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