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Shieldmaiden Revisited

A few years ago, I painted this Shieldmaiden figure; it may even be posted here somewhere.

I’ve been waiting for some new project items to arrive, and decided, as I was at a loose end, to take some time and rework the figure, improving detail and finish. In fact it may be the third time I’ve done so, but I’m fairly satisfied now with the result.

Nothing else to add, really.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Shieldmaiden Revisited

  1. A true artiste are you, sir…hat’s off to ya!

  2. Such rich tones and quality of shading and highlighting. Beautiful paint work.

  3. I don’t think you need to add anything else Rob, the pics speak for themselves. Wonderful work sir.

  4. She’s a beauty, Rob. WoW!

  5. Great job as usual Rob (@robbo) !

    What scale is she?

    You mention the display bases on a post above.
    I’ve recently got my 1st, for the Lawrence of Arabia bust, so the typical square shape, 6cm X 6cm X 5cm.
    Now, obviously there are different ways to attach the busts to the bases. I’ve seen people using screws (which I guess go both into the bust base as well as into the wood base), others apparently use super glue, others use metal sticks that go both into the bust base, and the wood base itself, and there are other processes.
    Which one(s) do you usually use and which one would you recommend? Are there some factors to be taken into account before deciding which method to use?

    Thanks in advance.



  6. Lagertha! Does one need any other reason to watch Vikings? Rob you did indeed post her before and I must admit this iteration is my favorite. You’ve captured her entirely.

  7. Excellent work.

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