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1/350 Uss Missouri 1991

And here's my newest and latest model finished just today!

The , not needing any introduction, though maybe in a not so often seen configuration.
As she appeared in 1991 while participating in operation Desert Storm.

Base kit was Tamiyas old lady, though dressed up and detailed to extreme.
I used the advanced set as a base for details, coupled with some Infinis magnificent harpoon launchers and open tomahawk launcher! After that the rest of the various details and modifications were produced in brass and styrene by scratchbuilding using reference as guide.

Airbrushed with acrylics and weathering done with the usual AK , Ammo and W&N products.

Took me about 6 months to finish while applying all the tricks and nicks from my previous build to a much larger project. Sometimes even daunting the ammount of detail and parts but hopefully the end result speaks for itself!

27 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

  1. Spectacular looking build, sir...very nice work indeed.

  2. Beautiful build!

  3. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    A pure joy to watch Olli, your weathering is so nice too see.
    This one surely deserves a display case, very nice build.

  4. All the details are worth it. This is a museum-quality “Mighty Mo”

  5. Yes, it does speak for itself.
    I think you owe yourself bringing this lady to some major modelling shows and grab a nice gold medal or two.

  6. The helicopter alone is a treat. I get a little information over load with all the detail. All of the positive adjectives...beautiful,museum-quality, and gold all apply on this one too. Two thumbs up.

    A strong candidate for the model of the month.

  7. Love it. Very very nice indeed. And beautiful photography...

  8. Fantastic. Love the scale fidelity on the CH-53

  9. Love the detail and weathering you have applied Olli-Pekka!
    I have one of these to build one day but am sure I will not get it the standard you have built yours to.

  10. Sleek, elegant, and very detailed miniature. The six months really show and the extras are the icing on a magnificent cake.

    Huge well done.

  11. It is a true joy to behold, and the photography is fantastic, especially considering it's such a big object and all of it fits against the seamless white background... I'd be curious to learn something about your photo setup.

  12. Olli, thanks for posting this. I have been struggling for some time to find a decent amateur set to take photos. I don’t like the idea of a photo box (too clumsy for large subjects and not very portable for the size it’d need) and I’m certainly not going to be buying any good camera(s). This seems an easy set up to replicate - can you show the lights, please?

    Thanks again,


  13. Hi,

    The ones I'm using are YongNuo YN-600 LED. They are pretty cheap and come in various sizes.

  14. Thank, that’s a great help!

  15. I can only repeat all of the above comments. This is just superb (and thanks for the photo tips too).

  16. A little late @Olli-Pekka, but I was looking through your shots and just noticed the basketball backboard by the UNREP on the starboard quarter. Impressive! Was that in the Pontos kit?

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