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Color pencils

In times past I’ve used a silver color pencil to make wear marks on aircraft models. I was wondering if any other imodelers had done that. I had just recently had the thought to try using black in certain applications.

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  1. Yep ,I’ve used silver pens to get the same result, looks O.K. to me …Some nice builds there Jay.

  2. I have a silver sharpie, I wonder how that’d work.
    Next time I get a model to that point , I’ll have to try the sharpie

  3. I have used metallic Sharpies and pencils for weathered effects.

  4. Been using a silver pencil for some time, tapping gently till I get the desired effect of capped paint. No experience with other colours though, not sure I would like.

  5. Jay, “Yes”, I have used silver pencils a lot, and my favorite part is the ease or correcting errors.
    I found that the best pencils are the welder’s silver pencil. Not sure what the difference is, but they seem softer and therefore leave a more distinguished mark with out crumbling . I also use a regular #2 pencil on light surface’s such as white or light grey as this looks like a silver paint chip were silver is almost invisible. Also try some pastel chalks. I use Nupastel color sticks. I sand off some with a sanding stick, then use a small paint brush to apply the powder a little at time. A little less forgiving than the pencil, but use sparingly, take your time and you’ll get a great effect. Hope this helps.
    You have some nice looking models there. I really like the B-26 ! Well done !

  6. I also use silver pencils for chipping effect. Some brands are working better than others, simply because there are many different types of color pencil. Many people found Prismacolor the best, and Inhave to agree with them. My wife has a lot of color pencils (a few hundred…), so I was lucky enough to try all of these.
    I tried other colors as well from the Prismacolor range. It seems that you can even use these for simulating smeared oil on the aircraft skin or even as “filters”. These pencils are water soluble, and you achieve the desired effect with a wet brush. Works similarly to oil paints, but of course those oil paints are the best for filters and similar effects. Color pencil is better for chipping or painting small details in cockpits or on engines.

  7. Yes, watercolor pencils and graphite from a pencil. Pastels and weathering powders are part of the weathering process for my models. Cheap watercolor paint work well as a wash for panel lines. Your models look great. Well done.

  8. I use artists graphite for bear metal areas. To me chipping with silver or aluminum paint or pencils just looks too bright and out of scale. I’ll put just a tiny bit of paint and then scrape some graphite off the stick and rub it in with my finger. This embeds it into the paint and the oil from your skin helps give it a nice, realistic sheen. This is especially great for bare highpoints on tracks.

  9. Lots of good ideas here, Thanks to all of you. I hope to try them out eventually.

  10. Great ideas here — and even better visualized in the photos.

    After pencil is used, is it necessary to use a matt/gloss coat over the detailed areas?

  11. I don’t think it’d be necessary to over spray the color pencil, although it might help it be more permanent

  12. I use a quilter’s silver pencil. Nice and cheap

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