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L118 light Howitzer

December 20, 2018 · in Armor · · 15 ≡

I found this photo on the internet and thought wow that looks good.I had already built a scratch built model of the 105mm British L118 light gun (1/18scale) so I thought I'll have a go st making my first diorama to depict the photo.After I had finished it I had to make the gun very dirty,so Mig powder was used.The photo shows a L118 gun overlooking Musa Qaleh in north west Hellmand Province.The gun weighs 4000 Lbs and had to be dismantled and man handled up a 400m track at night so their position was kept secret.Loads of ammunition boxes each weighing 100Lbs also had to be taken up by hand by 29 Commandos with a detachment of four Australians from 4th regiment.It proved very successful.The gun is 370mm or 14 inches long and made of pine and ply.

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  1. That is simply amazing craftsmanship, my have a talent there for sure.

    • Thanks again Craig for those kind words.

      • I am new to this forum but arrived here searching for models of the Light Gun L118/119 having ended my apprenticeship at the Royal Ordnance Factory Nottingham in the Design Department (1966) designing this very weapon.
        It was known at that time as the LWCSW, Light Weight Close Support Weapon.
        We manufactured the 105 and 120mm tank guns at that time also.

        • Hi Jeff,hope you found what you were looking for.Enjoyed making this one and my first attempt at doing a diorama.Since the photos were taken,I’ve lengthened the barrel a touch and made it narrower.Hope you like it.Regards Derek

  2. Derek, your skills are amazing. The level of detail, the painting, and in this case the dio setting are very impressive.

  3. Partir de una foto y conseguir el diorama fabricando todas las piezas necesarias es una proeza
    que repites siempre. Fabuloso Dereck !

  4. Awesome as always. You’re a machine cranking these out

  5. Very nice, Derek. The groundwork is first rate.

  6. At least a few minutes worth of eye candy 🙂 - Dettaglio supremo!

  7. Congratulations for your impressive work with wood and a happy new year to you and your family Derek ! I have a question ( not too silly I hope) : what are the problems you would encounter if you tried to scale down one of you models to a plastic model typical scale like say 1/72 1/48 or 1/76 ? I dont remember seeing any wooden models of ww2 planes at those scales...

    Is it to do with the size of ther smaller pieces or the breaking down in smaller parts ?

    Anyway thanks for your very nice display of photos and for sharing your work (when your moels appeared on this site I was trying to figure out what a more eco-friendly modeling would look like cause its true we use a lot of chemicals and plastic (cyanide glues, enamel paints varnishes and polish and all that plastic from the sprues which amounts to weight of the plastic useful parts...)

    Well you gave me a hint I just need to start carving wood with a knife now lol !

    cheers !

    • Hi Kloster,a very happy new year to you and your family to. I copied the dimensions of the gun from an Airfix 1/72 kit and made everything four times bigger.The barrel is all wrong and so are other things with this kit so studding pictures and photos is a must to get things right plus adding all the small detail the kits don’t have.Answering your question Kloster, I can’t see it being a problem making a smaller model but to achieve the same detail is something else. I make my models large for when they are displayed,people can see them quite clearly.A 1/72 kit looks lost on a large table.Thanks very much for the interest and comment.I’ll be showing more in the new year.Kind Regards,Derek.

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