F 84 Thunderstreak

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This model kit is from an old mold of the Brand . During the assembly i had many lace problems. A lot of putty and sandpaper. The metallic paint is from AK , very delicate at the time of masking. Mediocre final result

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  1. A blast from the past 🙂 We don’t see old Esci models often in here. You did a good job with it. Too bad the paint didn’t correspond your expectations, we all get that sometime.

  2. I'm sorry, I apologize. It is a model of Italeri. Too many models and marks in my head. Thank you

  3. For mediocre it looks pretty good from here.

  4. Three is the charm...the last photo is in focus and centered. I like the how you accented the panel lines or the engraved lines with a black/gray medium. It looks like some strong work. Any chance of posting some more photos?

  5. End result looks good to me, excellent NMF realistic look. Overall a cool looking model jet from my favorite era. Did you prime well before applying AK NMF paint? I have been using the Vallejo "Metal Colors" line for my NMF paint jobs. They are 100% acrylic and super easy to use. As long as it is primed with a good acrylic primer the paint job is durable under all masking conditions. Have not had any lifting of paint with touching and masking. Many good shades to select. As easy to use as any other acrylic. I get lots of compliments when I use it people always asking what I have used. Give that a go next NMF.

    • Sorry but I do not know what NMF is?. I have used metallic Vallejo paint on a P47 with good results. But I wanted to try these paintings because they gave the image of natural metal that I was looking for for the F84. But Vallejo's paintings hold more manipulation

  6. A great looking build!

  7. Lucas,

    LoL, your a modest man. I like the new photo. Seam less underside with a rich buttery NMF. When you've got it ...flaunt it. I have done the same thing when posting but, 6 or 8 photos really help those of use who want to appreciate your gifts and talents. Remember there are only two states of perfection...Death and what ever higher power you believe in. Two thumbs up on the last photo.

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Love to see those old jets … and this one is just great too see.
    You have done a nice job.

  9. A great-looking NMF on that Thunderstreak, despite any build challenges. The model looks great!

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