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First Love – 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS – 1:25 Revell

December 29, 2018 · in Automotive · · 12 ≡

We all remember the first time love conquered all—right? Well among all the teenage crushes, the biggest crush I ever had (and still have) is the 1967 Super Sport. The first time I saw one in person was the first day of school my sophomore year. Riding with my sister to school we parked and as I walked into high school for the first time there it was. A maroon 1967 Malibu with a black vinyl top. My heart skipped, no kidding, I still remember it.

Well, I never did park one in my garage. But, by pure happenstance, I did become friends with the guy who owned that car and he let me drive it a few times. The only recourse I had was to build a model of my beloved. Which, by the way didn't exist at the time. Sure, Monogram had a '66 Chevelle, but no '67 by any manufacturer. So when came out with this kit, I purchased a few just to make sure I had enough in my stash to make at least one good one.

Then I grew up. Models got boxed up and stored for years, until I finally got up the nerve to finish that 1/2 done Chevelle. The below picture is how I left it almost 30 years ago. Notice the copyright date on the instruction sheet.

She's not my best work (or best photography), but it's been a long time since I built a car. Making things pretty is harder than distressing them. And alas, I have one more unbuilt Revell '67 Chevelle still stowed away when I get up the ambition to detail it out with all the modern tools and tricks. I think I'll buy some PE badges for that baby, painting those on is a bear. Love never dies…

Cheers Gang, keep building.

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  1. A classic...! Nice job. 🙂

  2. Great SuperSport Chevelle, Matt! I wanted the '66. A friend at church had one ... copper color with black interior. Like you, I never had one but he did let me drive it. Once. I was afraid I'd burn out his clutch, but no - I didn't do anything wrong to it. Great memories.

    The old boxy Chevelles were the best!

  3. Matt, nice trip back to the good old days, I had a 68, however the 67 was always my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. Boy I adore that Chevelle, one old lady that catches my attention! Very nice you honored this old kit, Matt!

  5. Ah, the 60's muscle cars, what's not to like. Owned a white 67 Pontiac Le Mans while in college, boy I wish I still had her. Finally got a kit of a 67 GTO which some day I'll build to represent her. Those first loves never really go away do they Matt. Nice job.

  6. Came out great! A great story , a friend of mine had a '67, it was blue with the black vinyl top. We drank way too many beers in it.

  7. I'm passing along the one trick I ever learned for doing a car model (from a very good car modeler): thin the paint, 50-50 at a minimum and 60 (thinner)-40 (paint) is better. Mist on and build up. The one thing that really stands out in a car model is the smoothness of the paint.

    I keep wishing I could find a 1952 MG-TD model. At least I did have one in the garage for a couple years way back when.

  8. When I was in high school and worked for the summer on my grandad's farm, my uncles (twins) ended up with matching Chevelle SS's - one red and one maroon, both with black hard-tops. They were only a few years older than I, and since I was stuck without transportation, they often let me take their cars into town. What memories! I think the Chevelle is still may favorite classic.

  9. Classic American muscle. Those summers working on the farm...oh man, what memories.

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