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Hello imodelers

I’m a new neighbor in the iModeler community. I wanted to show you some of my past work and also my large collection of kits waiting to be built. It’s been a few years since I’ve built anything and I am hoping to get motivated to get started again.
As you can see, I have plenty of room for improvment

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

27 responses to Hello imodelers

  1. Hello, Jay! Welcome to iModeler!

    That’s a nice stash you have building up. I especially like the USS Indy. I live in Indianapolis, so as you can imagine, it’s a favorite topic around here.

    Your completed models look great, too. I admire that you have joined up and already posted something. It took me about a year, and THEN it was a memorial piece to a “fallen” iModeler who was a great friend to everyone here. I STILL haven’t completed a model for display!

    Anyway, we’re glad you’re here, Jay.

  2. Nice display! I like your choice of builds (and unbuilts!) and they all look fine to me! You couldn’t have picked a better spot: imodeler, as you will find out, is the best.

  3. Welcome. A nice variety of kits

  4. Very nice stash my friend! Welcome to imodeler!

  5. Jay, this is a great place to get your mojo back. The folks here are friendly and supportive, and even the ones with teeth are housetrained. I can say with no fear of contradiction that you could not have chosen a better place to land.

    Welcome and look forward to seeing more of your work.


  6. Thank you all for the kind words, I feel at home already here on imodeler !

  7. A fine collection and stash, welcome to the site!

  8. Jay, Welcome aboard to imodeler, and I enjoy your introductory picture, some cool stuff there. I really like the P-47. As for improvement, we all strive to improve, only a naïve person thinks he’s perfect. I believe its an old Japanese proverb that says “if you make anything perfect it will be the last thing you will ever make” ! I think we are all pretty safe for now. However their are a lot of good pointers here from a lot of skilled model guys. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about my model friends is that we love to share idea’s. So enjoy, don’t be afraid to ask, and once again Welcome !.

  9. Hi Jay! Welcome to the iModeler!

  10. Ánimo Mitchell ! sigue construyendo y disfruta de la afición.Lo construido tiene buena pinta.

  11. Jay,

    Don’t see the need for improvement. I like the display. its always cool to see militaria and models together.

    • Thank you for the compliment. This is a picture of that whole shelf. The ETO is on on side and the Pacific is on the other side.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Hello Jay, and welcome to Imodeler.

    I like your military equipment display, and your models look equally cool !!!

    Like Terry said, this is a great place to learn. There are some very talented modelers here and I’m constantly learning something new.

  13. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Welcome to this forum Jay, I trust you will have a good time here.
    Nice collection, really looking forward to seeing those unbuilt kits all done and shared in image here.

  14. Hello, Jay!
    It is nice to see You here. I am new here as well (a few weeks maybe). I discovered that place (iM) and sign myself up. I found very helpful and kind people here so I think they will help you as well.
    Nice Bf-109. I love it. Want to build one by myself, but man it is a hard choice (a lot of great kit out there and war heroes to paint). I think I will build two of them (one of Jochaim Marseille’s from Afrika corps and one of Erich Hartman from Estern front).
    I am waiting for your new releases.
    Best regards Łukasz

  15. Jay, looking at the display and the models, you are in exactly the right place!

    Welcome! Can’t wait to see what you choose to build next!

    • I’m working on a 1/48 Me-262 made by Peagasus. It’s a simple snap together that I’m building as a traditional model. It’s ultra simplistic and I’m at the stage I need to start scratch building parts to fill in areas left empty by the designers of the kit.
      I’ve seen pictures on the internet of ones built up and it can be made very nice if you put extra effort in to it. I’ve never had a 262 kit I’ve really liked before in 1/48. I need one to sit with my 109s & 190s.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  16. Jay
    Like you i am new to the community and just getting started again. Have found lots of inspiration from the work i have seen here. You pieces look grsat and the stash looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  17. Hello Jay,
    Welcome by the club. Looking forward to your contributions.
    Inspiration enough on this excellent forum.

  18. Hello Jay – nice to have you along – looks like you have a collection of pretty tidy builds there already! Why not start with one of those?

  19. Welcome aboard Jay! We all have room for improvement, so just jump in at whatever point on the spectrum you are. You’ll continue to get better the more you bash around with plastic and sniff the glue! You’ve got a nice start to your collection.

  20. Welcome to iModeler Jay and I think you’ll enjoy the modeling fellowship here. We can all learn from many of the fine modelers in this group. Thanks for sharing your builds with us. Looking forward to seeing more as time passes.

  21. Welcome to the Happy Place Jay. As the others have stated, this IS the best place to be involved and learn more. Your builds look great as well.

  22. I appreciate everyone’s kind words and warm welcomes.
    I’ve looked around iModeler and have seen some excellently built models. I hope to do a little work this weekend on my Me-262 that’s be sitting neglected for too long.

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