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JS-3 What If?

December 18, 2018 · in Armor · · 14 Comments

This diorama represents a Russian that is protecting a factory in Siberia,1946. The Germans have taken most of Russia. The field modifications of screen armor and steel plate protection of the intakes were done to improve survivability against German tanks.

The base kit is the old kit. The screen armor was made from twisted copper wire and glued together to make each panel. The fuel tanks were made from aluminum sheet(cookie sheet) and then the kit tank ends were used with brass grab handles. This allowed the tanks to be dented more realistically. The one rear tank was my concept of turning a damaged fuel tank into a tool compartment. The JS-3 tank was airbrushed Russian Green, then all weathering of the paint was done with chalk pastels as was all the rusting of the screen armor and plates.

Base was Styrofoam surrounded with a pine wood veneer, cut out of a 2' x 12'', stained and polyurethaned. The pipe rack was constructed out of evergreen plastic and the big pipe is from one of my wife's wind chimes that broke. The other pipes are from evergreen plastic. Tichy Bolts were glued to rings cut from plastic sheet for the piping connections. Also resin pipe fittings were used, valves, elbows,ect.

Really enjoyed this project, letting the imagination go and using stuff laying around the workshop to create this dio.

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14 responses

  1. Nice to see a non-Third-Reich (maybe even for the first time) What-if-Tank.
    Excellent built and superb Diorama (even if the form of the base is rather unusual).

    • Thank you for the compliments, really appreciate it. The unusual shape of the base was used to minimize the amount of ground work, but still show an interesting stage for the JS-3. Also I like my work to be different.

  2. Lovely paint work, great base, and terrific imagination.

    ‘Liked’ - a lot.

  3. Beautiful piece of work here Kevin. The base is outstanding and the craftsmanship of the scratch built pieces is outstanding. Well done!


  4. Excellent work, sir...welcome aboard!

  5. Great diorama, nice idea to paperskij-armorskij an IS-3. Now, what I would like to see on the base is a commander looking through his binoculars in same direction as gun and some scout/runner on MC giving an envelope with orders to tank crew.

    • Thank you Stellan. The reason I did not put any figures on this piece was because of the category that I wanted to compete in. One of the clubs that I belong to has a 50/50 category in their model competition. This gives 50 percent of the points to the model and 50 percent to the base. If I had put figures on, it would be forced into the diorama category. Really like the 50/50 category because it allows competitors a place to put their model( plane ,tank,ship, car, ect. ) to get credit for work done to the base. Regular categories only judge the model and ignore the base.

      Yes Stellan , you are totally right that this scene definitely screams for figures to complete it.

  6. I love it - it really resonates with me 😀

    Great idea and execution!

  7. Masterfully done. Liked!

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