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News update on Tamiya Spitfire I

December 15, 2018 · in News · · 7 ≡

For those interested:

Kitlinx has the I next Wednesday - $36 ($34 if you join and sign up)

Sprue says next week.

LHS says local hobby shops will have it the week after Christmas. (If you have a LHS, the standard price will be about what Kitlinx or Sprue charge with shipping)

And Fundekals has a sheet coming with some 15-20 individual airplanes on it.

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  1. Once this kit hits the benches where the rubber meets the will be one of those 'tastes great,less filling" debates. With the Japanese vs the English ...Airfix vs Tamiya plastic match up. Who makes the "Best" plastic competition.

    If only Edgar Brooks were here. What with the holidays and ample supplies of Eggnog and free opinions there maybe some interesting debates. Civil debates...

  2. I'll start the civil debate! I haven't picked up a Tamiya BF109 G6 yet, but I will. The posable cowling (and the magnet idea) and therefore the visible engine really float my boat. When heard this was coming I was hoping for little of the same! There will be the debates about shape and form, and probably the actual need for another 1/48th Mk 1. But I was looking for the same wow factor as the G6...

    Hopefully someone will tell me there are some features here that make this a clear stand out!

    • The kit allows you to do three versions of the Mk.I (but not the Watts prop and flat canopy and no armor glass windscreen). You can do it canopy open or closed (special different moldings for that) and it has a pilot figure that's supposed to be pretty good and fits in the cockpit.

  3. To add to the debate, it is amusing that Eduard's Mk IX got criticized for having the top cowling molded in two halves. Leaving a seam for the modeler to fill or buy a Eduard one piece resin replacement or another competitors after market one piece cowling. It looks as if Tamiya has chosen to stick with the same theme. The cowling has been molded so that a seam will be left on the center of the cowling top. So does the Airfix MK I.

    Just looked at a Mail order web page and they're taking special orders for 36.99 with a list of 46.00 dollars.

    Something to add to the debate Airfix added a pump handle for early Spitfires. The early Spits didn't have electric motor to pump the landing gear up and down. The pilot had to do it. That stick/handle is located by the seat to the right.

  4. Lucky Model is supposed to have it for $22 for the kit and $12 for shipping, arriving mid-January. So shop around.

  5. Thanks for the heads up about Fundekals. I didn’t know them and they sure make interesting decal sheets! I might just buy a few.

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