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Happy Holidays.

28 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. These ones had me laughing.

  2. These are better than outstanding! Even better than last year's Christmas photos. The photo showing the cold GI brushing snow from his machine gun and the snow-covered tanks takes me back in time to my own winter Army life experiences. What I remember most is how hard it was to get warm ... and stay that way for more than a few moments. The MIG tails "sprouting" from snow is pretty amazing! One Christmas (of 1986, I believe) in Fulda [1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry] I put on a Santa suit (after my First Sergeant learned I had been a professional Santa before joining the Army) and as Santa ... on my M1A1 ... went around our little Kaserne spreading Christmas cheer and laughs.

    I'd never before seen the "V Mail" Christmas greetings or the POW one.

    The singing cans? Priceless! And very clever, too!

    Well done, Rob

  3. Here's one more that may fit this "category"...

  4. Outstandingly good. Just spent half an hour looking through each photo. Brilliant.


  5. The Christmas NC 100 is full of wonderful images, and I gotta say I envy that King Kong Xmas Tree. Thanks Rob and a very merry Christmas to you all

  6. Here's some from the 'peace time' navy 1976 .

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  7. Felices fiestas Rob, gracias por el ratito tan bueno que he pasado con tus fotos.

  8. Felices fiestas to you. Julio

  9. The one with Santa Pirate looks like Sharpwriter's work from Deviant Art! His "George Washington Fighting a Tiger in a Boat During a Hurricane" is a classic. He also has Teddy Roosevelt battling Bigfoot in a forest fire, Franklin VS Zeus in a lightning duel and Paul Revere making his midnight ride on a lightcycle from Tron. Looks like he's got some new stuff!

    I wouldn't want to shovel the MiGs out of that snow!

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