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December 4, 2018 · in Photo Collections · 17 Comments

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  1. That underwater photo also has a nice background

  2. What plane? What background...

  3. That looks like a Cessna, any idea what the other aircraft is?

  4. Oh...NOW I see the plane you guys are talkin' about. 🙁

  5. When I saw the first photo I knew what the following comments would be...

    • Modellers such as myself can be so predictable. Simple. Starved of the biological imperative to mate because of our insular and esoteric plastic interests. If I got out more I’d be less misanthropic, more politically and socially savvy, and generally less of a PITA. Not sure how serious you were about the above post, but have deleted my post, Stellan - appreciate your nudge to thinking more and reacting less.

    • And then when I stopped looking at her I noticed how big the fins she is wearing are! HUGE! No wonder her legs look so great! I wonder how deep it is there to be able to free dive to it?

      • Honestly, I just thought it was a great photo in itself. Naturally we can all admire a young woman with a trim figure - no law against it - but my first thought was of scale and perspective. Maybe should have thought that one through a little more...

  6. La cesna es guapa ,pero la chica tampoco está mal

  7. El Spad es de Eddie Rickenbacker?

  8. My, she's got big flippers.

  9. Very nice this Cessna picture, reminds you of the beauty of manned flight!

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