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December 13, 2018 · in Photo Collections · 15 Comments

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  1. Impresionantes los aviones sobre las casas

  2. Brilliant and inspired collection, Rob. Some amazing diorama fodder, as usual.

  3. That Dornier pilot, did he won a medal for the most unusual place to park the plane? That and the summer uniform of that flack crew are just unorthodox images of war. Too bad the Imam Ro 44 is not in colour, the red stripes are something else

  4. Rob ! C'mon pal you're feeding these to me aren't you, I'm actually lost for words on this least there helmets are nice and shiney...
    Mate I actually laughed out loud at this one ,cheers you've made my day.

  5. 2 is inside a Catalina ,right?

  6. Allies - right? Germans wearing Italian briefs...

  7. The Arnhem picture is hilarious, hehe... Never seen it before, though... Thanks for posting!

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