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  1. Stunning headline photo……what is it?

  2. Fokker, the ideal sport plane? Back then words had a different meaning for sure…
    And Revell sure scaled up that Gemini kit

  3. La foto del Mig es muy ilustrativa de como realizar desgastes en maquetas.Interesantes fotos y carteles.Me ha llamado la atención el alemán delante del tanque.No puedo saber que está haciendo después de rebasar la cuerda que cruza.???

  4. Love the snark about the Chair Farce.

  5. Stellar collection.


  6. I’d like to know what became of Revell’s grand prize! Anyone privvy?

  7. A thirteen year old from Portland Oregon won the capsule, it’s supposed to be in the Oregon museum of science. I remember entering it myself. Ah the art of dope and fabric smells like victory,#9

  8. Another amazing selection Rob !!!! Having served in the US Army, the “Air Force” chocolate fountain picture really made me laugh !!!! How true……………… 🙂


  9. Hello Rob,
    Thanks for your selection. As mentioned by Louis, deploying with the Air Force is luxury all over.
    Everything was done to avoid complaints from “all ranks”.
    I deployed many years with the Marines and was never envious of the Air Force. It was a pitiful bunch of civy’s in a starched uniform.
    Glamour Boys with fast machines.
    Regards, Dirk

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