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Year in Review

December 15, 2018 · in Photo Collections · · 11 ≡

I was looking back at the past year’s work, and see I ‘lost’ three months at the beginning of the year on my HMB Endeavour project, but was glad I did it. The middle part of the year was dominated by biplane projects, and in the Autumn period it was all about Napoleonic figures.

Now for a break, and a new project in the New Year.

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  1. Hi Rob, Its really inspiring to look at the amazing builds you have done, absolutely fantastic.

  2. What a year it's been Rob, I did not miss any of your creations. Beautiful work, even for someone who wrote an essay "from the asylum".

    At the time of reading this essay, speaking about a sabbatical, I must admit I was a bit worried re. your "modeling" health, but looking at your achievements this year, I can not do anything else than dismiss you from the asylum. Take that from a Dr. (Natural Sciences - Physics) in case it gives some comfort 😉

    Big Kudo's to you and thanks also for the numerous postings and reactions to work delivered by the imodeler community in 2018 and hopefully for many years to come!


  3. I really enjoy looking at your articles Rob, they are exceptional and you always give away your secrets so selflessly! That has to be the best 'loss' of three months I have ever seen! I also enjoy your opinions - never a dull moment - always thought provoking! Can't wait to see what's next. Have a great break.

  4. Cheers, guys. Like you, I recognise at times that modelling is a fairly solitary business, and it helps to share and rant about everything from time to time, with like-minded reprobates.

    My New Year project just arrived in the post. Photo now added above...

  5. Great collection Rob, and from what I can tell it's 11 times what I completed this year. 🙂
    I am trudging along and may have 2 finished before spring. I hope.

  6. Impressive collection Rob. Very well done.
    As for myself, I've not completed a model in well over a year.

    • I keep up a magpie approach to modelling, don’t seem to follow any particular genre very long. Can’t imagine just building aircraft one after another ad infinitum, but for other people that sort of thing defines them as modellers. Room for all.

      • I have hit the wall with WW2 aircraft this year. My next efforts will be WW1 planes; a tank (maybe two); some cold war jets; a post war US plane; Vietnam era helicopters and another floaty thing. My longer term ambitions are Ark Royal and a large scale cutaway sub - but probably not next year, although I may build a ship to prep for the bigger things to come! If I get through the initial list it will be enough!

        And now you have me excited by what's in the box - must be the Christmas vibe!

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