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Yufan 1/35 figures

This is the first step of future diorama, special forces extraction by UH-60 Blackhawk. Recently I came across excellent 1/35 resin figures and I decided to give a try at something other than airplanes. It was supposed to be US SEAL unit, but loadout doesn’t fit. I went through ref. pictures and this weapon set and chest rig correspond to US SEALs arround 2005 in Iraq, but they used 3cd BDU uniforms, and this figure comes with G3 uniform. So I decided to do a mix and painted uniform in something like AOR1 pattern, and green chest. I think it’s not accurate, but hey, it’s a special force unit and they wear what they like.

This is first step, will be more. Any critics and suggestions are welcome.

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4 responses to Yufan 1/35 figures

  1. Excellent work, sir…..and anyone who can paint figures this good deserves a “well done” in MY book – very nice!

  2. Boris, here it is; 6 months later, but I just found this post.

    Well done, Sir

    • Well Jeff, I became a victim of multitasking even though I told myself I’ll never start more than one kit at the time. Working on 1/48 F/A-18 at the moment so diorama is on hold, couple more months to finish. Another setback is that there are no model stores in my area, so every single little thing I need is purchased via Ebay and that means at least couple of weeks of waiting for delivery. Meanwhile I’m stuck with this; Altogether 6 figures finished, two more delivered and waiting to be painted, Still need a tree and 4 more figures to finish what I imagined.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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