Academy F-15C Eagle.

January 27, 2019 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

Hi friends, here's my latest work, an C from . I opted for the Alaska National Air Guard version. The kit had good quality, with good fittings, almost no use of puty for corrections. I chosed the black polyester base coat techniques, and then several metal tones for the exhaust of the engines. A medium weatering, not too much. I liked the final result. For painting, I used Humbrol acrylics and pre-shading method. Enjoy!

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  1. Very excellent paint job, well done!

  2. Very nice build, my friend...excellent work on those burner cans.

  3. Hey. I'm building an A10 A Warthog and I was wondering what exactly you used to do the engines. Colors, weathering, etc. Thanks.

    • Jordyn, I used collors made here in Brazil by Drycolors. But, you can use for the metal effect the following tech: First, apply poliester automotive shine black on the areas that you want the metal efect, so after apply thin coats of the desired tone ex. aluminiun, steel, titanium, copper, gunmetal,etc... but always very thin coats, to keep the botton black base on emphasis... to not cover it completly... got it? For weatering oil artists collors very thinned on turpentine, to fill the airframe joints, an so clean the excces with mineral spirits on the direction of the air flow...

  4. An excellent Eagle!

  5. Very, very nice!
    Eduardo, I've never built a F-15 and would like to make one. Would you still recomend this Kit or there are other options to consider first?

    Obrigado 😉

    • Olá Manuel, vi no seu perfil que és Português! Meus avós eram de Valença do minho, e Monção... Bom, vamos ao F-15... Montei no passado um F-15 da Airfix, mas não gostei. E este de agora, da Academy, é muito melhor, sendo assim, recomendo...

  6. Beautifully built and finished, Eduardo!

  7. Very nice! I have this kit, and now I'm more eager to build it. Looks like your weathering/finishing work was spot on to me.

  8. Very nice build

  9. Nicely done Eduardo, looks good.

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