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AMT 1/25 scale 1971 Dodge Charger R/T Kit

January 24, 2019 · in Automotive · · 12 ≡

Long story behind this kit! My best friend Marshall Smith who owned a Restored 1971 Charger SE. His Charger was authenticated by Gailen Govier as to be 1 of 7 built in 1971. Charger SE was a luxury style Charger with a leather interior and all the bells and whistles. The rarity of his car was it was built by the original owner with a full race package. From the optional 440 4bbl, Hemi 4 speed trans and the Dana rear, HD handling suspension and disc brakes. The purpose? The owner wanted a full race package Charger but to get a lower rate on his insurance because it was classified as a luxury car. NICE! My friend Marshall gave me a part for my 72 Dodge Demon that I was in search for over a year and wouldn't take a dime for it. I spotted the model kit that he got from his grand kids for Christmas in the trunk of his Charger at a car show. I told his wife to give me the model. After about 6 months of building I created an EXACT REPLICA of his Charger. Painted with PPG F7 Light green metallic lacquer, Resin after market hide away headlight grill (sent out to be chromed) , scratch built rear SE Charger tail lights and panel. Hood was the kits hood that was cut out and a ridge in the center of a stock flat hood of a SE Charger. Lots of hours in the hood alone to get it correct and flat! Magnum 500 wheels and tires from a donor kit with GF Goodrich Radial T/A dry transfers to the tires. Vinyl half top chrome strip with strip styreen. Bucket seats from a donor kit. Pistol grip shifter is from many kits with a total of 4 piece construction. Paint was clear coated with Testors clear lacquer and polished with Novus plastic polish. My friend sold his Charger back in 2003 but still have his replica displayed in his China closet in a display case. Was a fun project1

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  1. Beautiful model, beautiful story, great job!

  2. Spectacular model. Those Chargers were such shapely cars.

  3. Awesome looking Charger Thomas. Welcome to the best modeling site on the web. User friendly and lots of nice folks to chat with.

  4. I like what I'm seeing ! I'm a fellow die hard Mopar fan. I have Hemi Orange for blood instead of the typical red ...

    Back in the mid 80's I owned a triple black U code 71 R/T Charger.

    Love it !

    • My first MOPAR bug that bit me back in 1974 was my 1970 Plymouth Road Runner hardtop with 440+6 4 speed car and air grabber. Been a fan ever since!

      • That is an excellent combination, and I understand why you were bitten by the bug !

        I had a 71 Road Runner 383 car with the air grabber...

        My very first car was a 68 Chrysler New Yorker... with a 440 TNT engine in it. What really got me into the Mopars though, was my 73 Charger which was also a 440 HP car with a sunroof, and the 72 Challenger Rally I owned at the same time. The Challenger was originally a B5 Blue 340 car with a 4 speed. When I bought it, someone had replaced the original engine with a 400 and converted it over to an automatic transmission.

        Not long afterwards I had a 440 in it and converted it back over to a 4 speed... I have been hooked ever since then. I used to drag race the Challenger at the local strip... Loved it, and I did pretty good too.

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings 🙂 :
    Very good eye candy there Thomas. Nicely applied DEEP GREEN color, a color and hue not seen too often on this car model, again ... nicely applied and clean.

  6. Another nice lookin' build right there, sir...keep 'em comin'.

  7. Outstanding ! Awesome metal-flake finish, Thomas ! Ya gotta love Mopar when it come to muscle. Yes - all of the manufacturers had their stand-outs, but Mopar's muscle was hard to beat ! You've done your friend VERY proud!

  8. Very nice.

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