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JU-87 D3 – Stuka – Hobby Boss, 1/72

This article is part of a series:
  1. JU-87 D3 – Stuka – Hobby Boss, 1/72
  2. Europe, 1939/40. Vintage JU-87 B – Stuka, Airfix 1/72

This is a plane I built to a friend.
It represents one of Hans-Ulrich Rudel planes, ence the chevrons, yellow stripes on the wings and the green nose (as he describes in his book).
The kit is from Hoby-boss, on 1/72 scale, and seems quite nice. My friend had assembled it already and gave it to me to paint, but it seems to fit well.
I painted it with Hataka orange line paints and weathered with artist oils. Some decals (chevrons) are home-made/printed.
The antena wire is from Mig Jimenez Rigging (0,02mm).
Being one of the Comander planes, I thought that it must be well maintained, so kept the weathering low, expect for the under side as the airfields in Russia were quite mudy 😉
Well… I had fun. Photos are not good enough, but I’ll try to get better ones later.

[UPDATE]: Last saturday (2019jan26) this plane met its new owner. He liked a lot!



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13 responses to JU-87 D3 – Stuka – Hobby Boss, 1/72

  1. I never would’ve guessed 72nd….outstanding build.

  2. Very good work in that scale! Matching colours!

  3. Beautifully done, Manuel! Are those wing tips extended? They look a bit longer than a “standard” JU-87. Perhaps a special version?

    No matter, the whole model is excellent!

    • Or it’s just me and the camera angles. 😉

      • Hi Jeff,
        Thank you for your comment and your keen eye!
        I had the same suspect and yes, they are longer than the B version.
        Hobby-boss sells this kit as a D3, but I suspect it’s really a D5 or G1 (bomber or ‘Kanonenvogel’), that had in fact longer tip wings.
        As my friend had already built the plane, I went along with the version he provided.
        Nevertheless, I think we can take this as a midle/late russian campaign JU-87 D5 (and not 3 as stated in the box) Rudel’s bomber (not too late, as it still has the black crosses…)
        Well, I did what the ‘client’ asked for and had fun in the process 🙂

  4. Lovely paint and weathering on this! Well done.

  5. Excellent, superb, weathering underside. You highlighted every panel with great skill!

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