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New 1/48 A-26 Invader on the Horizon

January 18, 2019 · in News · · 6 · 4K

just released their 2019 catalogue, and it features these gems:

48281 - B-26B-50 , Korean War American Bomber
48282 - A-26B-15 Invader, WWII American Bomber

With the Monogram kit a bit long in the tooth, and the MustHave! Models kit happily copying Monogram's errors, it looks like we might finally get an up to date kit of this aircraft. And there goes the build plan for this year...

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  1. Judging from their latest releases ICM should produce a decent replica, though I ain’t no rivet counter. Someone will find flaws no doubt. The Korean War is an interesting subject indeed

  2. " ... and the MustHave! Models kit happily copying Monogram’s errors"

    What ARE those errors?

  3. This does seem good news.

    B-26B-15 is from the Tulsa production line, B-26B-50 from the Long Beach factory. Not sure the differences beyond equipment.

    Update: B-26B-15 has upper/lower turrets. B-26B-50 upper only.

    Update #2: B-26B-15 is 6 gun nose. B-26B-50 is 8 gun nose.

  4. " By far the biggest problem is the area where the nose joins the fuselage, where the kit is too wide and the glass nose is too short; this makes the bombardier nose look too squat. Technically, the fuselage is six scale inches (1/8" or 3.2mm) too wide at Station 0, the bulkhead where the nose joins the fuselage. Neither of these inaccuracies can be adequately fixed." Taken from ARC.
    Furthermore, comments from Sergey;
    "The heights is about 1 mm too high, tail is lifted up and pushed forward. Metal nose is way too long (should be 63 inches long or 33.3mm in 48-th, Monogram - 40mm). On width, there is only one figure, its maximum value, for model - 32.8 mm. This width has to fall on the bottom third of cross section around a cockpit/bomb-bay, Monogram's fuselage is about 34 mm in this place.The top and cutout of a cockpit has to be more narrow as boards have a slope inside. Diameter of a dome of the top turret is about 40 inches, i.e. 21 mm in 48-th, Monogram is about 23 mm. Fuselage width on top (distance between boards where the board starts to rounding off) about 48 inches that gives us 25.4 mm in 1/48. And model width in this place is 28 mm. The excess 1 mm of the general width, plus insufficient slope of the boards, plus surplus of height, plus too long nose and wrong tail in a complex spoils the look of this nice plane. Sergey"

    In other words you can close your eyes to the errors or do a lot of work.

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