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”Rest in pieces”

January 19, 2019 · in Ships · · 14 ≡

”Rest in pieces”
Unknown at Pearl Hermes Atoll, 1960

The Liberty ship was a class of cargo ship built in the United States during World War II. Though British in conception, the design was adapted by the United States for its simple, low-cost construction. Mass-produced on an unprecedented scale, the now iconic Liberty ship came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output.

This shows an unknown Liberty ship ran aground on a Coral reef in the Pacific. Inspired by the story of the SS Quartette
“At 7:10 AM on the morning of December 21st, 1952, the 7,198 ton ship SS Quartette struck Pearl and Hermes Atoll on the eastern reef crest while underway at 10.5 knots. Heavy seas and 35-mph winds drove the ship onto the coral, stoving in the bow and heavily damaging two forward holds, but (with the ship firmly aground) the vessel was in no immediate danger of sinking. ”

Model is trumpeters 1/350 scale Liberty ship. Coolest feature of this build is hard to see. There are divers descending from the speedboat and their torches illuminates the cargo holds that are full with halftrack, trucks and Sherman tanks. See Picture with wires visible. 2 Leds are placed in each hold. This build is from 2015.

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14 responses

  1. Simply awesome idea and modeling effort Jonas!

  2. Really imaginative Jonas ,well done.

  3. Hello Jonas,
    I am impressed with this diorama.
    Especially, since it is based on a real story.
    Regards, Dirk.

  4. Jonas, A very well thought out / nicely detailed diorama. I like the nice touch of having the vehicles in the cargo holds and the divers. A lot of fun to look at. Well done !

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nicely done Jonas, very good imagination as well as creativity. I am having a very good time just watching this one. Thank you for the moments and for sharing the pictures.

  6. I wish I had your address. I'd ship you some ice cream to go with the cake that you just took for one of the coolest dioramas ever. Simply amazing!

    I've wanted to build a liberty ship (that very model from Trumpeter) for some time, but have been prevented from doing so thus far. One of my ancestors (5x great-grandfather) Antoine F.P. Saugrain ( had one named after him; it also served in the Pacific and was sunk...

  7. excellent diorama and clever idea! love the presentation.

  8. Your diorama is simply amazing! The level of detail and ingenuity to come up with this just blows my mind. Fantastic

  9. For my money, one of the best dioramas I’ve seen in a very long time, Jonas.

    Really appreciate you posting this.


  10. Exceptional work Jonas, really creative dio.

  11. This is really impressive work. I did a double-take and saw the divers in the photo which I’m sure looks really cool in subdued lighting. Masterful work.

  12. Very nicely done! Love the creativity.

  13. Hi guys,
    thanks for your kind comments. More to come!

  14. Wow! How inspiring! Congrats on an exquisite diorama!

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