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Helo Finished – Finally

February 25, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 ≡

This is 's SH-3H, converted to a -3G from HC-1 Westpac cruise in 1977, aboard my old ship the USS Coral Sea.

Reference photo from that cruise.

I used Belcher's Bits resin sponsons, shortened the horizontal tailplane, covered the sonar opening and scratch built the 175gal drop tanks. Other changes included filling in one port-side window and one fuel filler port. Custom decals rounded out the build.

I started this about 3 years ago. Then put it aside. About a year ago I fought the white paint, and I lost. So, I set it aside again. But since I really wanted to finish it I decided to live with the paint and take low-res photos. ?

This is the first kit I've finished in over a year. Such is our life as modelers. ?

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  1. Gorgeous work, made even better by the personal connection. The very essence of modeling. Nice work, Gary, and special kudos on the decal work.

  2. Great SH-3! Paint scheme looks fine! I remember seeing them in my before time,[same time period] before the mono tone camo.

  3. Really nice build, Gary...excellent work !

  4. Great build. It may have taken a year, but it’s a pice to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, that's some really fine work Gary. It may have been a long and slow process but man was it worth the effort.

  6. Nice job, Gary! Way beyond my capability! I have a friend who served on the Coral Sea in '68-69 off Vietnam in the ATC unit. F8's, F4's, A4's, and AD's. he looks back on it with pride.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments guys.

  8. Looks great. Don't see any paint issues.

  9. A very nice project! Well done.

  10. fine work...very attractive

  11. very very nice and fine work Gary

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