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On This Day...February 24th

February 24, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 6 · 2.3K

These first three photos were taken in an English scrapyard, full of Luftwaffe wrecks, on February 24th, 1942.

Valentine Mk III tank of ‘A’ Division (17/21st Lancers) which was captured during Operation Torch in November 1942 and used by the Germans until it was knocked out at Kasserine Pass 24th February, 1943.

“This situation was not in the training manual”

The following two photos are actual mission reports of Sgt Douglas Hicks (first on the left, below) after a bombing mission on 24th February, 1945.

24th February, 1941; RAF Brewster Buffalo at the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, Wiltshire, England during a display of new aircraft types acquired from the USA. This Buffalo (AS426) was one of 33 aircraft from a Belgian contract which was taken over by the British following the German invasion of Belgium - most were passed to the Fleet Air Arm.

During ‘research’ (lounging on the sofa looking at photos) I found this beautiful photo of a Buffalo. I might need to build and paint this...

Carrying on the theme of Luftwaffe wrecks, this Dornier was shot down in Westcott, England, on 24th February 1942. Two of the crew died and two managed to parachute, being captured at a nearby Inn.

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  1. Love the Finnish Buffalo David!

  2. Great stuff, David!

  3. It's funny how short sighted we can be sometimes, wouldn't you think that scrap man would have thought to himself Hmmm maybe this stuff could be worth something in a few years time , but no it all went to be melted down what a shame.
    Great set as usual Dave.

  4. The birth of the aluminum can ?

  5. So sad they messed with these planes this way, you would be amazed what wrecks can be made fly worthy these days. I guess the need for raw materials was just too high in those days...

  6. I wonder how many "Sgt Hicks" type stories are out there, and how many we could never hear. I can't think of a crew position on a bomber that I would like to be. Good stuff as usual, David.

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