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Rommel and his Staff

February 21, 2019 · in Diorama · · 8 · 1.9K

Hi friends, this is one of my little humble job, I hope you enjoy it. A big hug.
" During the Second World War, Erwin Rommel distinguished himself at the head of a Panzer-Division during the French campaign in 1940 and then, enjoying the full trust of Adolf Hitler, assumed command of the German Afrikakorps in North Africa where for almost two years he demonstrated great tactical and operational ability, inflicting a series of defeats to the British troops thanks to his superior ability to lead agile and daring maneuvers with armored vehicles in the desert. Promoted to the rank of field marshal, highly esteemed by his soldiers and feared by his enemies, he became a prominent international figure and one of the favorites of German propaganda, known by the nickname "The Fox of the Desert" (Wüstenfuchs).
Rommel also earned a high degree of respect from eminent personalities among the Allies, such as his rival Bernard Law Montgomery, George Patton and even Winston Churchill. The "Fox of the desert" was in fact recognized loyalty and cavalry towards the adversaries and the civilian population: his Afrika Korps, a unique case in the German military bodies of the Second World War, was never accused of war crimes, and Rommel did not obey the orders to shoot captured enemy commandos or prisoners of Jewish origin. The same Rommel, referring to the clashes in Africa, spoke of "Krieg ohne Hass", war without hatred and remains the most famous military commander of the Second World War for value on the field and loyalty. He was forced by Hitler to commit suicide to save his family, accused of being one of the proponents of the "Operation Walkiria" conspiracy.
It is the only German general to whom a museum in a Roman cave was dedicated to Marsa Matrouh, a tourist town 500 kilometers away from the capital Cairo. Inside the exhibition space, in addition to the objects that belonged to Rommel, there are boxes containing the cards of the German soldiers, various decorations, photographs of the Third Reich located in North Africa, weapons, uniforms and other military equipment that still feed the myth."

Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK)
Desert Diorama self-made with:
Rommel and his Staff - North Africa 1942

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8 responses

  1. Nice Diorama. Good representation of the desert. I like those Dioramas where there is a bit more space around the figures.
    Maybe there could be a slight washing or a bit more shading in the faces of the figures.

    • Thank you Hans, I think that the characters must be part of the set design (only if they are single figures are the dominant part of the diorama). I prefer to adapt the figures to a scene and not the other way around. The landscape exists, people come later. The scene is photographed in the sun, some shadows on the faces are there, but not so marked as to be visible. A hug from Italy and thank you

  2. first class post...your diorama seems to have captured the sublime

  3. That's really nice work, incredibly realistic. I expect them to start gesturing and talking to me!

    • Thank you very much, I am very happy that you enjoyed it ... and thanks for the comment very much. In fact, what I try to achieve every time I build a diorama, is the feeling of realism once completed

  4. A superb post and a great build. I really like this dio - feels nice and organic, relaxed, and natural. Well done.


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