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Tamiya News from Nürnberg Toy Fair 2019

Let us know what will land in your shopping bag.

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  1. Fantastic array of some great kits from the leader (IMO) of plastic models. Equally outstanding display of craftsmanship from the modeling staff at Tamiya. Thanks.

  2. Definitely buying the new BF109G-6 in 1/72

  3. I think the box art for the Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 is probably one of Tamiya's best.
    The Bf109 and the Achilles for me please.
    Thanks for posting.

  4. I'd say the R1 M and the Toyota Hybrid.

  5. You know, I hate to tell you guys, but Tamiya is not the producer of wunderkits.

    The Tamiya Bf-109E, all the Fw-190s, the Spitfire I and V, everything up to the 1998 releases of Tamiya kits from 1990 on, are WRONG. Tamiya was rushing to compete with Hasegawa's new kits after the Bf-109E of 1989, and their research was many times wrong, which is why they re-released the Bf-109E to get it right, and why their Fw-190s are to this day wrong (landing gear) and they had to re-release the Fw-190D-9 to get the wing right (after they copied the D-9 in the AF museum that had the D-10 wing). Their Spitfire was so wrong they have finally released a corrected kit (the new Spitfire I). The Mosquito kits are great if you compare them to the competion (of which there are none other than the 60 year old Monogram kit). The Skyraider is wonderful if you compare it to the Monogram kit from 20 years earlier. Their N1K1-J "George 11" doesn't stack up to Hasegawa's kit, which provides both production versions (different vertical fin/rudder). The 1/32 P-51D was so "wonderful" that after I built one for a review, I sold the other two I had. I build models, not toys.

    And BTW, unless you like "toys" the Bf-109G-6 does not hold up against the Eduard kits or the Zvezda kit.

    If you want a kit that "falls together," Tamiya is your go-to for sure. If you want a kit that is accurate... Tamiya's not so much.

    • Tom,
      Send me a list of the Tamiya kits you have and don't want and let me look through them. I will give you a nickel on the dollar for each kit I choose. I will pay the postage. I certainly don't need any more kits but I am willing to help you clear your conscience of having all those dispicable kits. Let me know.

  6. Looks like a few quarter-scale items are on their way into my basket 🙂

    I have the 109G6 in my stash, and just bought more or less their entire line of 1/48 German vehicles with the goal of making some dioramas for my 109's. I haven't built the 109 yet, but a look at the sprues at least look very promising and full up to Eduard. Tamiya seems to have learned from previous mistakes, and I for one cant wait for a new 109E from them, considering what I have seen so far in the new 1/48 planes. One thing that stands out from my point of view is the cockpitframing, where the placement for the seatbelts is beautifully made and a lot more accurate than any other manufacturer I have seen so far!

  7. Looks like a great kit, and being their is not too many nice Gs in this scale, should be very popular. Oh and hey Tom, I'll go a dime to the dollar if Frank doesn't get them all !

  8. Coming from the man who described the R-2800 engine in the 32nd scale Tamiya Corsair as "Nothing to Write Home About", i've come to take his comments with a grain of salt.

    Funny how he completely overlooked the 48th scale Airfix Mosquito...

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