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100 YEAR RAF ANNIVERSARY GB, Revell 1/48th Eurofighter Typhoon, No.29 Sqn, GiNA BoB Commemorative Scheme

March 31, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.2K
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  4. 100 YEAR RAF ANNIVERSARY GB, Revell 1/48th Eurofighter Typhoon, No.29 Sqn, GiNA BoB Commemorative Scheme

The grand finale, my final contribution for this outstanding GB, FGR4 , in the special BoB commemorative scheme that was displayed back in 2015. · on youtube

The Eurofighter was a collaboration with the UK, Germany, France and Spain. Originally conceived as an air superiority fight and part of the Future European Fighter Program. Design started in 1983. France dropped out due to disagreements in design authority, different views in requirements and pursued their own design independently which led to the Dassault Rafale. The first flight of the prototype took place on 6 August 1986. The finalized production type Eurofighter took flight on 27 March 1994. Typhoon was selected as the nickname for the new fighter in 1998 and production contracts were signed that same year. RAF, German Air Force, Spanish Air Force and the Italian Air Force are the primary users, with Austria, Saudi Arabia, Oman. Qatar and Kuwait are also users and has brought the production of 599 aircraft as of 2016. The Typhoon Baptism of fire took place during the Libyan Intervention with reconnaissance and strike missions. A 4th generation multi role fighter compatible to the Rafale, Gripen, F/A-18E/F Hornet, and the Su-35. It is quite agile in air to air combat roles as well as ground attack missions. It is cleared to fire the Aim-9X, AIM-120, AIM-132,IRIS-T, and the MBDA Meteor, for air to surface, AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, Brimstone, Taurus, Storm Shadow, MARTE anti ship missle, SPEAR and Joint Strike Missile. Bombs, enhanced LGB's Paveways, 500lb Paveway IV,JDAM, Spice 250 and HOPE. Electonic Pods, SNIPER, LITENING III laser targeting and DAMACLES targeting. As well as 3 drop tanks.
The kit is of Germany, 1st appearing in 2000 and it was a bargain at the time. Doesn't seem the kit is that old. Didn't realize I have had the kit since 05 in the stash. When the 100 year RAF GB was first presented, I was going to build the Revell Tornado, but decided to build the Typhoon instead. Which also gave me the opportunity to build the commemorative scheme as well. Something much different and unique other than the greys used on the line aircraft. Typical and annoying Revell open ended box. Well molded soft details appear on the overall kit. Lot's of parts but not so over engineered like a Kitty Hawk or Trumpeter kit. Typical Revell instruction booklet which at times don't have exact location on where to attach some detail pieces. Just go by experience and read up on reviews of those who have built the kit already are great tools to help prepare for the project. It also gives you a heads up on what to expect while building it. Especially around the intake to fuselage assembly. Rather complicated process. Also some had reported some issues in regard to the main landing gear doors not having enough space between the main strut and gear well to insert them in place. This was easy to remedy by planning ahead and trim to fit. It is Revell. despite the improvements over the years, it does need patience and some work but it builds into a very nice model. Challenges are minor and what we modelers can easily overcome. Not a starter kit for those just getting into it, but still not hard to overcome for novices. Though I could say just follow the instructions, they can be quite confusing if you move to quickly. Decals are from Caracal 48-090, which performed very well. Dk Earth/Dk Green over Xtracolour Lt Aircraft Grey. The scheme is a representation of a BoB Hurricane Mk. 1, which has inspired me to build that Hurricane later this year as a companion to the Typhoon. I have to say that this was an excellent GB and enjoyed building the 4 aircraft representing the RAF. There were so many choices available, as most aircraft represent WWII, I would've loved to do at least one RAF helo, and a Lightning, but it was fun just the same. Thanks to Paul Barber and I modeler for a fun filled and learning experience.
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  1. What a fantastic post Chuck, and an epic way to end your builds. You saved the best for last. All of your planes for this GB were really nice, but this new jet with the “throwback 1940 RAF” camouflage is the best one yet.

    The article was very interesting as well.


  2. Thanks Louis it was an interesting build. But a build like this inspires the history of the markings and their origins. Which led to a BoB Hurricane, which will be a great opportunity to build the Airfix new boxing and the GN A squadron codes. Hopefully will get crackin' on it after finishing up a couple of projects.

  3. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    I am of the same opinion as Louis, very nice work Chuck and a very good tribute model and scheme.

  4. Good job Chuck, i like it.

  5. well done sir

  6. A great build! Fantastic scheme choice.

  7. Fantastic work, GiNA in all her glory one of the best schemes in recent years.

  8. Hello Chuck, what a great set of photos to come back to having been out of action for a while - a fantastic build! Really impressed that you have shown all the close up detail and every angle!

    Thanks for everything you did with the RAF100 GB, my friend - beautiful work.

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