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iModeler Tutorial – Our new feature will change the way of sharing modeling pictures on the web

If you are a regular guest on iModeler you’d already know that improvements to our platform happen frequently, and for the most part without ado. But once in a while we’re launching a major upgrade that aims at bringing the experience of your iModeler membership to another level. We are happy to announce that one such upgrade has been completed during the week.

Almost exactly a year ago such an upgrade was the launch of iModeler 2, a complete rewrite of our platform that brought modern visuals and a wealth of functional improvements. The work we put into reimagining the system back then has laid the foundation for the fantastic growth of iModeler that we experience today.

We are thrilled to announce a new feature that is likely to change the way of sharing modeling pictures on the web.

iModeler makes it fabulously easy to add pictures to your postings, and mixing pictures with text is simple, too. But what if you want to point out or describe something ON a picture? Like highlighting the spot that you’ve worked on or labeling the paints used for the different camouflage colors. Like here:

…or here:

There wasn’t any easy way of doing it on the web, right? Well… now there is. Starting today, iModeler will allow you to do just that, right in our post editor. In a way that does not affect your picture file so that it can also be viewed “clean” if desired.

Watch this video to learn how:

This feature is in Beta, meaning we’re providing you with access even though some improvements might still be required. As usual, all feedback will be greatly appreciated, but most importantly – please give it a try. You can do it while leaving a comment below… 🙂

46 responses to iModeler Tutorial – Our new feature will change the way of sharing modeling pictures on the web

  1. Thanks! Looks like a handy tip. Plus a new skill for this old dog to try…..

  2. Great idea Martin.
    I post all my articles from my iPad.
    I watched the video, but unfortunately I couldn’t edit photos on my iPad.
    Not sure if it’s me or the operating system.

  3. GREAT!! thks soooo much

  4. Very cool. It will be very handy for reviews and in progress builds

  5. Very nice addition to the already great site!

  6. Hello Martin,
    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us.
    Never to old to learn something extra.

  7. This is a very nice feature, thanks !!! I just went back and added comments to a posting that I made last night. It worked great for me……………. This is the best site ever !!! 🙂

  8. Great feature!

  9. Always wondered how [they] did that little addition. Thanks for this! 🙂

  10. This is pure gold. A great addition. Been trying it on the laptop and although it’s really easy to use, and works perfectly, it won’t upload when I press post. I get a message “there’s a problem with posting”

    – Like anything there’ll be bugs – but it really is great to use, and nice to be able to crop the images.

    Fantastic work, guys.


  11. Wow this is fantastic and great fun to do. Thanks for all the work involved just Great!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Just tried, Boris, nothing fancy in terms of characters – just keep getting the “There was an error when replying to that topic” message.


    • Testing (and hinting at my next stupid project 😀 )

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  13. Wow! Very usefull and funny

  14. Very cool and needed feature. I will definitely use it. Thanks!!

  15. Sweet. So easy that even I will be able to do it. Thanks!

  16. Martin, I’ve always expressed my enthusiasm about iModeler functionality and easy going user experience, but this new feature sure pushes the envelope further.
    Any plans to enable this update features to touch devices sometime in the future?
    Thanks for making the best modelling website by far!

    • We certainly would like to, and it’s definitely in our roadmap. However, supporting touch and small screens in editing mode are actually quite difficult to do in a good way, so we decided to skip these features in the initial release. Instead, we will be concentrating on gathering feedback from the users (everything is still in Beta) and hardening the functionality before adding support for touch.

  17. Thank you for working on it and developing something that already is cool!

  18. This is great. Good work to all involved with this. Big thumbs up.

  19. Great feature @editor will definitely use it!

  20. Oh. I like that – I’m going to be using that a lot, I think!

  21. Excellent feature, just tried it. Though my photo editor feature does have a similar ability, its a more intense procedure, while this process now offered by Imodeler is very simple to use. Thanks for adding this ability to the site.

  22. Wow, what an awesome feature. Once again Martin you have demonstrated why this is the best modeling site on the web. Keep up the good work.

  23. Outstanding !! Thanks Martin & Boris. @raikisan And anyone else who worked on this !

  24. Just tried it on my wife’s laptop, and it worked just fine.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  25. Well, here’s tryin’

    • Glad that this has worked out 🙂

      • Me, too. Thanks, and kudos!

        • Here you go Martin @editor


          David; @dirtylittlefokker

          Looks like I’ll have to retire this guy……….. Say “good by” to my red tipped tooth pick………..

          Looks like his job has been outsourced.

          There it’s official.

          No more red tipped tooth pick.

          Thanks for the improvements………… 🙂

  26. Martin, you’re a wizard! Made simply a terrific addition! Bravo! But maybe instead of the circle on the pointer end to make the arrow? This will allow you to more accurately point to very small objects in the photo. In the attached photo I tried to show it for comparison. The arrows point to very small spots on the wing. But with the help of circles it can not be done.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • Dmitry,
      I can clearly see your point. We’d need to think over how the editing part should work having an arrow rather than a point (which is a convenient drag handle), but we’ll put it into our idea backlog.

  27. Very handy feature! Much appreciated.

  28. That looks fun. Thanks for this

  29. Bravo Martin & the team!
    Haven’t tried it yet, but this looks to be one of those things everybody will wonder how we managed without. Internet watch out!
    I would rate this almost better than Nutella… well maybe not better… if I had to choose one for the deserted island it would have to be Nutella, but still this is mighty good.
    P.S. I would second Dmitry – make an arrow head at the tip instead of the circle. I mean we are modelers and should be able to handle sharp objects… right?

    • Seems like you hurt Mr. Nutella’s ego…

      • Seems it is working after all!

        2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  30. Thanks for the upgrade. Great idea.

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