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On This Day...March 13th

March 13, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 6 ≡

This Corsair (KD578 'L') of the 1843 Naval Air Squadron hit the aft ramp of HMS Arbiter, breaking the tail oleo off, before breaking through second and third barriers. The carrier was en route to Australia on March 13th, 1945. The pilot Sub-Lt W. Noble was OK but the aircraft was write-off. Sad to say, this was one of a series of 1843 ‘mishaps' on this journey. More to come...

Warrant Officer Ladislav Kadlec (holding the stick, above) was born on 14th July 1917 in Brankovice, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic. On 6th July 1941 on the return journey from a sortie to Münster, Germany, his Wellington bomber (he was rear gunner) was attacked by a Bf−110. Kadlec was able to bravely hold off the attack but he was seriously wounded and his right leg was amputated below the knee in the hospital. His determination to return to duty (despite being offered discharge) saw him released from hospital with a prosthetic leg and after several attempts, was finally able to pass a Medical Selection Board and became the only one−legged Czech airman on active service.

On 13th March 1944, he went missing with his bomber during a patrol over the Bay of Biscay. His remains have never been found. He is remembered on a memory plaque installed on the elementary school building in Brankovice.

in 1942, the Quartermaster Corps (QMC) of the United States Army begins training dogs for the newly established ‘War Dog Program', the “K-9 Corps.”

Submarine Whale (SS-239), destroyer USS Humphrey's (DD-236), and light cruiser (CL-50) Helena at Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, California, United States, 13th of March, 1942.

March 13th, 1945. I posted a photo yesterday of the immediate aftermath of the Kamikaze attack on the carrier USS Randolph. Here, we can see the damage to her flight deck as the result of the Japanese Yokosuka P1Y Ginga ‘Frances' Special Attack aircraft crashing into her at Ulithi Atoll a day earlier.

A Ryan FR-1 ‘Fireball' fighter of US Navy squadron VF-41 landing aboard escort carrier USS Bairoko, 13 Mar 1946 = the Fireball's nose gear collapsed moments after the photo was taken.

Evocative photo of USS Shannon (DD-737) making way through Ulithi anchorage, Caroline Islands, 13th March, 1945. Alongside, USS Flint (left) USS Miami (right) and in the background are carriers USS Enterprise, USS Intrepid, USS Essex, and USS Bunker Hill.

Lastly, a personal post. Literally...

The postman delivered a very welcome, unexpected gift . A certain iModeler, knowing my affinity for the ‘Higher Call' story (and an affection I have for signed books), arranged for (and sent to London from the U.S.) a copy of this book signed by author Adam Makos.

I couldn't be happier. Modesty forbids I name you in public, sir, but you are a true gentleman. Thank you.


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  1. Another excellent posting David... all of these Corsairs. Besides the F4U's, the remainder of the article is just as captivating (as usual).

    Congrats on the autographed book... It couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. We have some wonderful people here on this website... 🙂


  2. Thanks, Louis. We do have some very special people around here (present company included, clearly, Mr. Gardner). The book was a great surprise, and will take pride of place. Books are very special things, especially so as we celebrate 30 years of the internet this week.

    More F4Us to come. Looking forward to seeing your builds progress...may even get that Revell 1/32 Corsair out and see what interesting things we can do with it. Suggestions gratefully accepted.

    I see your “like” - I miss the function where we used to be able to see the avatar of anyone who ‘liked’ a post. I liked that...

  3. A very interesting set, David!

  4. Kudos on the book, and highest praise to the gent who sent it your way!

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