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A brick model for the youngest

Dear all,
Mabey some of you will find this post useful.

I have two very young sons and I am trying to infect them with modelling mojo. I found some Revell quick build car (Older boy loves it). This time I want to share with you guys some brick aircraft model. I found some Polish brand of bricks with a lot of great aircraft and tanks models from WWII.

I bought some cheap Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero fighter.
Assembling took me about one and a half of hour. I have to admit that the model is marvellous.
I can highly recommend it for every parent who would like to build some stuff with kids:)
I attached some pictures of already built “Zero”

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses to A brick model for the youngest

  1. Wonderful find, Lukasz. It’s actually pretty impressive in brick way. Wish my kids were a little younger…

  2. I missed the boat with my son, one snaptite race car, and one independence Day F-18, then he was on to video games. Good luck.

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