Best in Show Award, January 2019 – Su-34, Hellduck from Kitty Hawk

April 14, 2019 · in News · · 5 · 2.4K

What a momentous day - the illusive Hellduck is snarling on my bench!

Notoriously difficult to spot in our temperate lands, this particular breed is the stuff of legends. So far I just heard tales from far away about this great beast, all my previous attempts to ensnare one all in vain. I started doubting if they even exist.

When I asked Martin if he can catch one for me he simply said “sure, why not.” It wasn’t to be easy! The iModeler team spent three month on a relentless hunt, but came back triumphant with this prime Fullback in their nets. Along with it came a good part of Russian ordinance supplies. Check out the plan for placement and painting of the payload!

I am humbled and grateful and over the moon. Many thanks for this great award!

Stay in good health and keep on buildin’ y’all!

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  1. Given the kit and the subject, this build will be in capable hands . Aleksandar, I hope you are planning on showing a build log on the lines of your award winning model. Seeing a Hellduck will be of interest . Modern Soviet aircraft don't always get to share the limelight with some of the contemporary western aircraft . It seems that a lot of forms like to build the Mig-25 family of aircraft when they do show up. Looking forward to seeing this project go forward.

  2. Always wanted to add one of these to my build collection, but never did. Looking forward to seeing the result(s) of your talent. Congratulations, sir.

  3. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Congratulations, a well deserved prize. Very glad you can have one Aleksander, good too see this one under your hands.
    Looking forward to see your touch on this one.

  4. Happy to see it in good hands... and, how's the kit? Haven't had a chance to see it myself, but Kitty Hawk is improving their game all the time.

  5. Big, big thanks! 🙂

    I am really itching to start this one ASAP. I do have another iModeler prize kit, however, that I intend to finish this year - the Tamiya Swordfish. The eagle-eyed may actually catch the glimpse of that box on my desk on the tittle image. 🙂 Maybe I will build them in parallel!

    Martin, @editor, If you ask me, the kit is very good! It is better that much more expensive Hobby Boss Su-34, so who am I to complain?

    One should of course not expect the level of say GWH Su-35, which is near perfection. There is plenty of Kitty Hawk goofiness here: ejector-pin spikes the size of Everest, sprue gates at worst spots, modular tool miss-alignment and so on… And then there are also those priceless KH gems, like a single pair of ruder pedals smack in the middle between two pilots - so one pedal each! 😀

    Still, a lovely kit, overall accurate Su-34, with amazing selection of payload! The small hiccups are just there to keep the working temperature of a seasoned builder at the proper level…;)

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