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Glencoe Models 1/74 World War One 110 ft. Subchaser

April 25, 2019 · in Ships · 9 Comments

This is the old Glencoe Models kit in 1/74. I did a little research on Scalemates only to find this kit was older than I first thought. It also brought up the names of a couple model companies that I'd never heard of.
Apparently this kit was first released by ITC in 195X, then rereleased by ITC, in a motorized "RC" version in 1960. In 1964 it was again rereleased by Ringo Toy Corp. I'm not clear if ITC changed their name to Ringo, or if it was a different company. The model I built was issued by Glencoe Models in 1989.

My late wife, Carol, an avid plastic ship builder, had purchased this kit, opened, from a vendor at a local show, years ago. I only mention this because it was so warped, and I didn't know if it came that way or had "aged" in the box. The plastic was thin and fairly soft for it's age.

With the help of fellow modeler, Mark Box, and his professional heat gun, we were able to take most of the warp out of the hull. The deck and other flat surfaces had to be held under hot water. I tried not to get too far ahead of myself for fear of reaching a point where the whole project would come to a halt, and end up in the trash. The stanchions for the railings were molded into the hull halves, leading to many broken (and lost) pieces during the assembly, which fought me at every step.

I drilled out 34 port holes, later filling them all with Elmers crystal clear glue, then started following the "directions", which were not the best. Slowly it came together, considering warping, flash, mold marks, etc. With a little help from Squadron's "110' Subchasers in Action", I was able to figure out where some things went that were not clear in the instructions I added a few 1/72 crewmen, which I tried to disguise as WWI seamen.

In conclusion I must say I'm glad it's "done". For all the effort, it shows it's age, and seems very "toy like" by today's standards, If you decide to build this kit, be prepared for obstacles, but it is the only one of it's kind, and fits with other 1/72 boats fairly well.

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  1. Great looking model of an interesting subject, Joe. Ya done good!

  2. Turned out well, Joe...nice work.

  3. Nicely done, Always thought about picking one up, now I don't think that I will. I remember the Ringo boxing, they also had a kit of the Graf Spee,

  4. Beautifully done, Joe!

    I've never heard of this type before now.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice and interesting work Joe.

  6. Looks like you did a bang-up job beating her into submission!

  7. She certainly didn't go easy. A lot of "twist and shout" involved.

  8. Knowing what you went through on this project I'd say it was well worth the effort...nice work Buddy.

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