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“Mersu” – Finnish Bf-109G-2 1:72, from the very old Hasegawa

April 21, 2019 · in Aviation · · 20 Comments

Hi All! Here's my save of my very old BF-109. This kit is around for more than 30 (maybe 35?) years. I found it in my stash and as happened I wanted a quick and easy build. I had some very old aftermarked decals too so I thought it was a simple and easy task. But... Well. The aftermarket Aeroscale set (Luftwaffe Top Guns) - as advertised - contains a dedicated set for Erich Hartmann's first plane. I wasn't aware that the decal set is so old that the informations they used are outdated since. I jumped in without any suspicion so I backdated my poor little 109G6 to a G2 - which is in fact doesn't correct for this particular airplane (shoud be a G4). Sigh. I set aside the project and began to search for a decent G2 decal set - to finish it as a correct G2. SBS came in to help as they made several Messerschmitt 109 - mostly for Finnish and Hungarian airplanes - decal set. I picked up this one as the one all-grey RLM74 scheme looks so odd on a 109 that I felt I had to make that. As You may see I tried to spice up the kit a little bit (new cockpit, some corrections around the wing, landing gears and I drilled out the exhaust) but I kept things as simple as possible. As these old Hasegawa kits are simple and fit nicely I enjoyed this build a lot - really just for fun nothing sweaty. I used Gunze Mr. Colors - simply RLM74 and 76 bit I modulated the surfaces a lot to break up monotonity. The decals went on really well they set beautifully and despite the dark upper surface neither the white circles nor the yellow "5" aren't translucent at all. That's all, hope you like it. All C&Care welcome as usual. Cheers: Gabor

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20 responses

  1. Very nice indeed! Now, how do you make the windbreakers on the antennas? - been experimenting in 1/48 without success!

    • Thank You! It's really easy - I heated up a thin plastic sheet and I punched a needle into it. It forms a tiny cone that I can cut with a blade. That's all.

  2. Excellent presentation and a nice result...I like it.

  3. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Small in size and scale but with a strong impression, love the fact that the markings are Finnish, this gives the model like a refreshed look … nice work Gabor

  4. Hello Gabor,
    Indeed out of the old box. But turned in to a very fine model. Also in this article, the real pictures are very much appreciated. Regards, Dirk

  5. very sharp looking

  6. Another Gábor beauty! I'm very intrigued by that scheme, and since I have a few of these old Has 109's in the stash, I see one in my future! Looks brilliant.

  7. Terrific work. In every aspect, well done.


  8. Nicely done Gabor !

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